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“The1 process2 tests3 my4 ability5 to6 concentrate7 and8 not9 become10 bored11.12 Some13 paintings14 take15 over16 a17 year18 and19 a20 half21 to22 produce23 .24 At25 the26 heart27 of28 this29 is30 what31 the32 French33 philosopher34 Francois35 Jullien36 refers37 to38 as39 blandness40 .41 I42 try43 to44 concentrate45 on46 one47 brush48 mark49 at50 a51 time52 ,53 but54 am55 quickly56 reminded57 of58 the59 difficulty60 of61 this62 task63 .64 Thoughts65 occur66 ,67 which68 sometimes69  develop70 ,71 sometimes72 not73 .74 I75 try76 to77 get78 back79 to80 the81 matter82 in83 hand84 .85 


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