Transpositions [TP]: Event III


DA TA rush

Transposition not Exhibition


DA TA rush was a transposition, not an exhibition. It engaged with artificial neural networks, brain activity, architectural mapping, motion capture, galaxy cluster surveys and modelling, particle physics, dynamical systems simulations, room impulse response measurements, air flow turbulences, and sonic textures.

The transposition investigated emergent formal and perceptual relationships between data events distributed across the gallery. A set of triggers excited a dynamic system, which articulated and integrated what was performed in DA TA rush.

DA TA rush asked if it is possible to liberate data from its representational duties. It enacted data as an imaginary, lived body between the various material elements, human bodies included. How does data pass from one form to another? Are there artistic forms capable of associating what seems highly diverse?

Find a high-quality version of the video here.