Mr. Sean Andre Haldkyj is a British native of a hundred generations from his mother's side, the Reynolds. From his father's side, he is the grandson of a Ukranian national and a French national, who fled Nazi occupied Europe to live in the UK. His father was born in Islington. However, distant or not so distant, genes are not citizenship. The United Kingdom has been multicultural for many years now. The XRW wanted to dismantle that. Sean got married recently. It must be his own unique way of fighting the XRW.

That was for the Ulez. In one of his most well-known songs "Ektos Elegxou" ("Out of Control"), Pavlos Fyssas sings ironically that "in the end, everyone will wear 'green' shoes".


All my art materials and art books were stolen by thugs, who ignorant and equally thuggish people glorified globally.

The property was deemed illegal through the courts on 22 April 2024. The courts haven't requested any money owed, because the property is illegal.

Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P.) was 34 years old, when he was assassinated by the Greek Golden Dawn - that had an American office. I guess we were kindred spirits. I'm still alive to remember and not forgive, especially after the three to four attempts for my assassination.