The photograph of the Johnson government was taken when their government was dissolved in July 2022, after I visited the Greek London embassy and applied for the renunciation of my Greek nationality at birth. That was brave, but it had an effect. However, the sham did not finish then. The subsequent Truss government was dissolved, after one month only. A year later, Johnson resigned as MP, when I made a comment about the BNP "trafficking" (Griffin) under aged of Greek nationality. Now the Sunak government has been dissolved, although it was much better than the previous ones. Him and his government didn't complete what they had to complete. What's NEXT??


Jeremy Corbyn received 32,2% of the votes in the last National Elections. It is a shame I was living in Amsterdam. However, it seems the individual vote doesn't matter. Their voice does.


People also work together and can make allies beyond governments and formal politics. I recognise that myself and four men, the three of whom I have never met, including the current prime minister, Rishi Sunak, worked tirelessly against enormous opposition about the right thing. This doesn't stop until it's done.

Snow volleyball is a sports game played on the snow by two teams of three players - and a substitute. This is unlike beach volleyball that is played by two teams of two players - and no substitute. The tall ones play at the front to score over the net, like in the traditional volleyball.


The illegal bank accounts were closed when I was in Norway. All the names on the illegal bank accounts are fake - apart from Eleni that belongs to a deceased.


Names crossed out are of those who haven't paid money into the bank accounts.


Banks keep copies of IDs with which joint bank accounts open.


    "Betty" - Giorgos (Moon)                                                                                            "Betty" - Alexandros (Moon)                                           

  "Panagiotis" - Alexandros (Sun)                                                                                   "Panagiotis" - Giorgos (Sun)


Golden Dawn were paganists originally, before they turned to Christianity to become more popular with voters.