On Collecting
My current interests -
Man's futile attempt to rearrange nature: a series of ritual acts of faith, production and preservation in the face of the inevitability that everything will disintegrate, and eventually perish. This precious dance is the source of life's beauty. 

  • Disappearance of soil from construction site 
  • Disappearance of rain from puddles, the traces left behind. 
  • Traces from actions, the 'waste' of ash, eraser residue, dust, 
  • Cracks in floor, in objects, people...that's how the light gets in. A memory of past action that overtakes boundaries of object itself
Layers of collection
1) Cracks: breaking point opens up new possibilities
2) Traces/remains of a 'complete' action
3) Maps of traces & divination/associations

To wait, listen and everything is part of a symphony

To look, and everything is a sign


  • How to heighten the senses in order to increase awareness of environment and its connections? 
  • To let people listen and look for themselves - attritube own value to world. 


Celebrate wonder:

'Shape of the flower is goverend by individual, not by external imposed dogma'

'The adventure of discovery is more important than some pre-determined end product'

(Gordon Maclellan 'A Sense of Wonder', Performance Research Journal on Ritual)


“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journeywork of the stars...” Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

Renchantment of Art, Suzi Gablik

'One is no longer just looking at the tree, enjoying it through one's senses: one has become the tree. When we experience the world as our own body, illusions of duality dissolve, and with them, old assumptions about a distinct and separate ego-self codified by our culture.'


David Michael Levin - The Body's Recollection of Being it is not unreasonable to suppose that were we to modify our way of relating to the things we touch and handle, a radically new social order might actually come into being (from masculine 'will to power' to 'reciprocal touching', touch can be a revolutionary tool) 



Artists to keep coming back to - 

Basia Irland's Apothecaries



Andrea Bozic in collaboration with the night sky.




The Archive:

A shrine to matter in-flux 

A Landscape built over time 

A space to celebrate the transcience of matter, to witness its gradual transformation. 

The space itself transforms over time; as layer upon layer of information accumualtes.

The space builds itself. 


"Equal attention to full range of life's texturing complexity, with an entranced and unhierachized commitment to the way in which the organic and the inorganic, colour, sound, smell and rhythm, perception and emotion, intensely interweave into the aroundness of a textured world, alive with difference"

(Massumi & Manning)

Aims to explore:

How sensory experiences can reenchant an audience with the natural world which is as much a part of them as they are of it. 

To see their place in it not as dominating or alienating, but an intrinsic part of the web of ecological life. 


To slow down and savour the senses as our primary connection to life. 


To taste