"mattering for others who made their own things with it. and this is a version of common sense, because there is a making common, but not making common, the idea of all converging towards the same, but circulating, making common relaying, relaying back, being relayed…"

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  • Barad, Karen (2007). Meeting the universe halfway: Quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning. Durham & London: Duke University Press.
  • Clarke, Bruce (2017). Planetary immunity. Biopolitics, Gaia theory, the holobiont, and the systems counterculture. In: General Ecology. The New Ecological Paradigm, hrsg. von Erich Hörl und James Burton. London: Bloomsbury Academic (im Erscheinen).
  • Margulis, Lynn und Dorion Sagan (2013). Slanted truths: Essays on Gaia, symbiosis and evolution. New York: Springer Verlag.


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"But, the concept of the tree is the right topology? I think it's very wrong, … because the tree assumes that the lineages continue to branch and branch and branch from a common ancestor, and … there was movement of genetic material from one branch to another, that makes the topology a net, a web, and no longer a tree."

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"it's very easy to destroy collective intelligence … but to produce again, to reclaim collective intelligence, you need such invention as empowering devices, where you learn to think with the other and because of the presence of the others."

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"The surface of this uncreated body swarms with them, as a lion's mane swarms with fleas." (Anti-Oedipus, p. 16)
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collective intelligence


dancing in the lab


against epistemology


dreaming about the people of relayers


any kind of tentacles will do

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symmachia {kind: note}

how fire ants survive hurrican Harvey by forming floating masses.
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