Elisabeth L. Belgrano, PhD in Theatre and Music Drama

... / The manuscript seems easy to grasp. / Straight lines.  / An ornamented melody. / Eventually the image becomes more complex. / Every word forms its own context. / There are no longer simple lines. /  The notes doesn't any longer fit the measure. / A complex landscape is reconfigured and diffracted as part of an entangled "je-ne-sais-quoi". / ...


This exposition departs from the silence of a non-existing voice.


A voice already sounding in the head of the author - sounding as thoughts, words, letters and sentences.  


An ethico-onto-epistemological voice diffracted through a singer's  process of intra-actively making sense of a lesson from a 17th century vocal manuscript. 

A voice as a mattering method for the art of singing through new materialism, vocal/verbal narratives, and sensory awareness.

There seem to be no where out. / What is shaped is a mess. / A mess aiming at finding new ways. / Always. / Contradictive. / Perhaps / Voices. /...


Ornamenting Vocality

An Intra-Active Methodology for Vocal Meaning-Making

A voice about to touch the ears and eyes of both author and readers/listeners