Music source:

Lambert, Michel c. 1660. Leçons de Ténèbres, Rés. 585. Bibliotèque nationale de France, département de la Musique, Paris.


Vocal performance laboratory recorded at Monastero St. Chiara, Porto Maurizio, Imperia, Italy, 7 Aug 2017

"Vocality, vocal experience and voicing as dynamic processes of moving physco-physically..."open up for hope. Jerusalem. The onset and the beginning of the phrase is shining. Bodymind expanding in wonder. In the midst of pain. Jerusalem. Turn around. Look at your self. Meet your self. Be touched by the presence of your self. Look from outside. Look at the context. See beyond the fallen wall. See beyond the core of pain. Open up, bodymind. Open up. Again. Again. Now. Trust the flexibility of freedom. A freedom that is trapped and locked if bodymind is shut and closed off. Searching for doors. Windows. Openings. Letting air come and go. Depart and return. Transform. CONVERTERE. Become. Become Different. Change. Change and Become. New. Again. And Again. Up and down. Back and forth. Floating. Being. Strecthing. Into that which already here. To that which is spoken. That which is non-spoken. NON/SPOKEN. That which is changing. Never the same. Always new. Voice keeps resting in this understanding. Bodymind's thinking follows entangled with voice. Growing. Moving. Changing. Becoming. Until the sound has converted into silence.

MANUM SUAM. Like the arm being stretched for the sake of mercy. Bodymind stretches through the air. Into Nothingness. Calling for an ear to respond. An arm to reach out. Help me God!! Voice has an eternal atmosphere to fill. Still there is aching. In the most vulnerable beating of the heart.

Seeing keeps moving around. Finding a hand reaching from above. Who is hiding in the cloud? A hand to trust? What matters? Voice moving as a wave. DOES THAT MATTER? ANYONE THERE? (Calling into the sky. Begging for attention. For support. For space. To live. To breath. To bring all pieces together. To make sense. To control. Must be possible. To BE. Not to flow matterless as an unknown. Must become in control.)

NON EST LEX. There are no more rules. Fixed structures. Only disparate points telling something. Connected points. Are?! Is 'Are' the key? ARE as in BEING. Moving upwards. As if this statement was a question, and not at all a statement. And the prophets? They are lost as well. But being lost is not a statement. How can it be? Perhaps it is a question? Even if the verse is ending... it doesn't ending with an answer... It's still sounding...

A wall was the answer. Thank you for that. But what kind of a wall? A lamenting wall. A resisting wall that can cope with all lamentations of the world. There is fast movement in LUXITQUE. Is it the place itself that makes this wall? Where is the verb? The doing of the wall... Is it the light itself that makes a wall. A wall of light. A fire. A living fire. Hell or heaven?

Everything has fallen apart. Pieces. Everywhere. Thought and voice move as if looking for a solution. back and forth. Up in hop and down in despair. Looking at every piece. Finding details. How to mend all that has been destroyed? Resting in these questions. Resting in the details that seem to be the only thing that matters. The tiny little yellow pieces mattering on the ground.

Empty shells left on the ground. Left.