Beginning today - 15th January 2021 - this page will follow a new turn in an ornamented journey through life....

On 5th January I was accepted by Bishop Susanne Rappmann in The Diocese of Gothenburg to become a priest candidate. This means that during the next five years I  will be preparing for service through theology studies. 


David F. Ford writes: "Theology deals with questions of meaning, truth, beauty, and practice raised in relation to religions and pursued through a range of academic disciplines" (2013:14).  When reading these words I find within myself the thought that theology (as  a field of study) can merge with (vocal) performance philosophy through this definition. Performing is in many ways about making meaning and sense (including non-sense), truth (through imagination,  improvisation and  exploration etc. ) and beauty (as aesthetics including sensuous-, somatic- and embodied knowledging) in relation to otherness, touch, process philosophy and transdisciplinarity. Here and now is where I place myself in this moment. In this thinking. On-going. Floating. Open. Curious. Mad. Explorative. Through Performing Nothingness as part of understanding the meaning of God and beyond. 



Ford,David (2013) Theology:A Very Short Introductionsecond editionOxford:Oxford University Press.