CD review


eclatante amarante

a portrait of the French singer Anne Chabanceau de La Barre (1628-1688)

Elisabeth Belgrano voice

Lucas Harris theorbo, lute

Carlene Stober viola da gamba

Jennifer Ellis voice

Recorded August 2003

Church of the redeemer, Boston

Recording Producer: Drew Minter

Recording Engineer: Frank Cunningham

Editing and mixing: Elisabeth Belgrano, Lucas Harris & Scott Cadenasso

Mastering John Scherf

Cover Photo: © Ferdinando Villa

Liner Photos: © Esha Chiocchio (inspired by Charles Le Brund's Expressions of the Passions, 1668)



℗©2004 Elisabeth Belgrano





Noah Greenberg Award,

American Musicological Society 2005






Performance Papers



Belgrano, E. (2007)

In Search for the True Voice of Passion: Investigating the essence of passion through ornaments and declamation in performance of French 17th century vocal music. MIDAS WORKSHOP, Music Institutions with Doctoral Arts Studies, Royale College of Music, London



Performance Papers



Belgrano, E. (2009)

“Lasciatemi morire” & “Rochers vous etes sourds”: Interpreting Arianna’s tears, sighs and pain, by investigating Italian and French ornaments through vocal practice based research. Knowledge, Assertion, Experiment, Proceeding of the National Early Music Association International Conference, in association with University of York Music Dept., ed. John Potter and Jonathan Wainwright, 2009, Proceeding. 


Belgrano, E. (2009) Understanding the Singing Self in Performance of Laments and Mad Scenes in Italian and French 17th Century Opera, Glasgow School of Arts, UK, European Forum for Research Degrees in Art and Design (EUFRAD), 4-6 September

Gunnar Svedberg Award

University of Gothenburg




Performance Papers



Belgrano, E. (2010)

Sounding Arianna’s Sorrow, in: Passionen för det reala: nya rum, ArtMonitor - En tidskrift för konstnärlig forskning för konstnärliga fakulteten vid Göteborgs Universitet, No. 9, 2010

Belgrano, E. (2010)

A lost queen, a desperate woman, a mad female singer: researching the voice of Monteverdi’s Ottavia through vocal sounds, sighs and observations on Nothingness. Department of Doctoral Studies in Musical Performance and Research, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland; The Embodiment of Authority: Perspectives on Performances, 10–12 September


International Conference


A research day:

Creative Research in Time of Globalisation

An event initiated by the Doctoral Students Committee at University of Gothenburg (GUDK) in collaboration the Science Festival Gothenburg, 14 April 2011


Doctoral dissertation



in Theatre and Music Drama

 o farò

Embodying vocal NOTHINGNESS on stage in Italian and French 17th   century operatic LAMENTS and MAD SCENES


Elisabeth Belgrano

A Music Research Drama Thesis
In a Prologue and 3 Acts

ArtMonitor, doctoral diss. Gothenburg, 2011,

Doctoral thesis as exposition in Research Catalogue

Thesis review

by Dr. John Potter




An intimate salon with two voice and a harpsichord

presented by Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano, Anna Nyhlin & Peter Lönnerberg

Performance Papers 2012


Belgrano, E. (2012)

Madness dressed in paradoxes: experimenting inside a costume of a 17th century prima donna. Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice (Italy), International conference: Fashioning Opera and Musical Theatre: Stage Costumes in Europe from the Late Renaissance to 1900, 29 March- 1 April


Belgrano, E. (2012)

An Exhibition of Madness in a Cabinet of Wonders: Results from an Experimental Process Into the Performative Space of a 17th Century Operatic Mad Scene. The 15th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music, hosted by the Music Department of the University of Southampton, Wednesday 11-15 July



Madness and Bastard in Motion: Learning through Performance Studies

Artistic research/ Higher education pedagogy project 2013-2015

In collaboration with Fredric Gunve, Lecturer, Academy of Design and Craft, Univ. of Gothenburg

Performance Papers



Belgrano, E.(2013)

An Exhibition of Madness in a Cabinet of Wonders: Results from an Artistic Research Process Into the Performative Space of a 17th Century Operatic Mad Scene. Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts, The Impact of Performance as Research, hosted by the Theatre Academy Helsinki, 28 February -2 March


Belgrano, E. (2013)

Sourcing Madness in a 17th Century Operatic Mad Scene: A Performing Method Exhibiting a Cabinet of Vocal Wonders, EPARM III (European Platform Artistic Research in Music), Lyon, 18-20 April



Vocal laboratory,

Première Leçon du Mercredi St

Jerusalm convertere ad Dominum Deum Tuum

Michel Lambert (1610-1696)

St Anne Church, Old CIty, Jerusalem, July 2014


Performance Papers



Belgrano, E. (2014)

Mourning Through the Voice of Ottavia: Performing Aesthetic Experiences of a Ritual. Interdisciplinary Conference: Venice and Ritual, Princeton University, 11-12 January


Belgrano, E. (2014)

Learning and Teaching Through Madness: Using the Metaphor of a 17th Century Operatic Mad Scene for Supervision in Higher Performing Arts Education Based on Artistic Research, 1st International Conference: Performative Teaching, Learning and Research, University College Cork, 29 May-1 June


Belgrano, E. (2014)

Lessons in the shadow of je-ne-sais-quoi: A study of vocal ornamentation and human disaster. (The first festival conference of music performance and artistic research), Doctors in Performance, University of the Arts Helsinki–Sibelius Academy, Helsinki Music Centre, 4-5 September


Belgrano, E. (2014)

Mattering through Vocal Lamentation = Building and Articulating through Sensuous Knowledge. Vetenskapsrådets årliga symposium om konstnärlig forskning 2014, Högskolan i Borås, 27-28 November           


Belgrano, E. (2014)

Learning and Teaching Through Operatic Madness, ORCiM Seminar ‘From Output to Impact’, Orpheus Instituut / Advanced Studies & Research in Music Korte Meer 12 9000 Gent Belgium, 19-20 November, Proceeding.


"Leçon de Ténèbres"

Artistic Research Project 2014-

Musical point of departure: Leçons de Ténèbres, Michel Lambert, 1610-1696)

International Conference


ORNAMENTING (FORM) AN ECOLOGY OF TRUST (FORCE): Exploring Force and Form through Performance /Performativity, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg, 23 April 


Performance Papers



Belgrano, E. (2015)

MADNESS as METHOD: An intra-active encounter between 17th century operatic madness, artistic research and posthuman theories, 4th International PG Conference, Creativity: Method or Madness? College of Arts and Humanities, The University of Glasgow, 26-27 May           


Belgrano, E. (2015)

Ornamentation based upon More-Than-Human-References: Moving Towards on Ecology of Trust, CARPA4, Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts, The Impact of Performance as Research, hosted by the Theatre Academy Helsinki, 11-13 June

Proceeding / Exposition in Research Catalogue.  

Belgrano, E. (2015)

Konsten att möta. Från intuition till examen i konst/vetenskap/lig högre utbildning, Conference on Higher Education, University of Gothenburg, HKG, 22 October


Belgrano, E. & Gunve, F. (2015)

Madness and the Bastard in Motion: Learning/Teaching through Performance Studies, 7th Teacher’s Academy (ELIA), ENACT: learning in/through the Arts, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 10-12 May


GLORIES to NOTHINGNESS / Le Glorie del Niente / LOVTAL till INTET

Artistic Research Project 2015-

In collaboration with visual artist Björn Ross

Panel discussion

Karen Barad, honorary doctor 2016, on how matter comes to matter within and through the arts, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performig Arts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 22 October. Lecture by Karen Barad and Panel discussion,


Belgrano, E. (2016)

Ornamenting Words -Vocalising Meaning - Writing through Singing, International Conference on Artistic Research, Conference theme: WRITING, University of the Arts The Hague & Leiden University/Society for Artistic Research, The Hague 28-29 April


Belgrano, E. (2016)

GLORIES TO NOTHINGNESS: An intra-active encounter between 17th century operatic madness, artistic research and new materialism, Moving Performances (A day symposium exploring the politics and spaces of voice and unruly emotions), Faculty of Music, St Aldates, University of Oxford, 23 June     


Belgrano, E. (2016)

Re-Turning DIS/TRUST in the Making of a VOICE, Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy Annual Conference, Regent’s University London, 25-27 August


Moving through the Garden of Senses

Musical performance project on 17th century French airs serieux, 2016-

In collaboration with Sven Åberg, theorbo,

International Conference



A Music Research Seminar honouring Accademia degli Incogniti and Claudio Monteverdi, Palazzo Grimani, Venice, 15 June 2017

Vocal Laboratory, 

Première Leçon du Mercredi Saint

Michel Lambert (1610-1696)

St. Chiara, Porto Maurizio, Imperia, Italy

Aug 2017

Vocal laboratory,

Troisiéme Leçons du Jeudi S(Aleph)

Michel Lambert (1610-1696)

Hagakyrkan, Gothenburg, November 2017

Vocal laboratory,

Troisiéme Leçons du Jeudi S(Aleph)

Michel Lambert (1610-1696)

Helsinki Cathedral,

November 2017


Performance Papers


Belgrano, E. (2017)

Vocally Ornamenting ↔ Per/Forming Content ↔ Practice-Led Vocal Philosophy, Beyond Application? Immanent Encounters between Philosophy & the Arts, Centre for Performance Philosophy, University of Surrey, 27 January


Belgrano, E ( 2017)

Ornamenting Words -Vocalising Meaning: Artistic vocal performance research as a field ‘in between’, The 20th Quinquennial Congress of the International Musicological Society, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan, 19-23 March


Belgrano, E & Ross, B. (2017)

Glories to Nothingness, Encounters, Discussions, Experimentations: Art, Research and Artistic Research in Music, Research Pavillion of the university of the Arts Helsinki, Venice, 16-18 June

Belgrano, E. (2017)

Voicing/ musicking: an intra-active spiritual matter? National Network for Artistic Research in Music (Nationellt nätverk för konstnärlig forskning i musik / NKFM), Annual Meeting, 23-24 August

Belgrano, E (2017)

An orna/mentor's performance.

How are things done, produced and effected with performance? Theatre Academy, Uniarts Helsinki, Research Day 8 November


Uehara, M., Belgrano, E., Elberfeld, R. & Skånberg Dahlstedt, A. (2018)

Nishida Kitarō’s philosophy of Acting-Intuition encountering Performance Philosophy and Artistic Research, (Themed session) 24th World Congress of Philosophy / The 3d Annual Meeting of International Association of Japanese Philosophy (WCP 2018) Beijing, 13 – 20 August 2018, Department of Philosophy, Beijing University 


Performance Papers



Belgrano, E. (2018)

Ornamenting Vocality An Intra-Active Methodology for Vocal Meaning-Making, Ruuku, No 9, AESTHETIC INTRA-ACTIONS. Practicing New Materialisms in the Arts, Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, Milla Tiainen, Tero Nauha & Marie-Luise Angerer (Edts)

Michel Lambert's Première Leçon du Mercredi Saint

Live recording, Lunch Concert, Gothenburg Cathedral, 16 February 2018

Michel Lambert's Troisième Leçon du Vendredi Saint

Live recording, Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg,  30 March 2018


'Somatically-informed Performance Research and Reflection Gathering', 23-26 August in the island of Corfu, Greece.

Belgrano's contribution:

Somatic Performance Philosophy and Vocal Soundscapes


Performing the Rythm of Free Life:

Exploring Nishida Kitarō's concept of Acting intuition through Musical Performance Philosophy and Japanese Philosophy 

2018 - 

Research Investigators: Dr. E. Laasonen Belgrano1 & Prof. M. Uehara2

1. Inter Arts Center, Malmö/Lund University, Sweden, 2. Dept. of Japanese Philosophy, Kyoto University, Japan

Performance Papers


Belgrano, E. (2019)

A Singing Orna/Mentor's Performance or Ir/rational Practice, Ruuku Studies in Artistic Research, No 11 





Belgrano, E. & Ross, B. (paper accepted for performance presentation)

VOICE: an Imaginary Ir/Rational Figure of Any Thing and No Thing. (A no paper presentation). Between Institution and Intoxication: How does Performance Philosophy Intervene?, Univ. of Amsterdam, Theatre Studies, 14-17 March 



Lecons de Tenebres, Michel Lambert,

St. Anne's Church,


17 October 2019


Performance Papers


Belgrano, E. (2020)

Performing Nothingness: A Vocal Meditation,

Thinking about Nothing: Negation, Philosophy, & the Mystical, Liverpool Hope University, Friday 3-5 July 2020

(conf postponed unitl  July 2021 due to Covid 19)


Remember me!

Glöm mig aldrig!

Improvisation in collaboration with

Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg/Jorge Alcaide

Jonas Nilsson, double base & Eli. Laasonen Belgrano, voice

filmed and recorded by Juan Carlos Poblete

5 april 2020 


before the beginning

first of three events hosted by Kollegium. part of: "The Dream of anoner place - to reach upward" (Drömmen om en annan plats - att sträcka sig uppåt.)

Kulturtemplet. Gothenburg.

26 Sept. 2020 15:00-17:00



Som liljan på sin äng (Sv. ps. 798)

Jag är en bön (Sv. ps. 762)



åtta existentiella laboratorier genomförs mellan november 2020-juni2021 för att belysa ordet GESTALT-ande i relation till medmänsklighet och diakoni.

Ett samarbete med bl a anställda och ideella  inom

Carl Johans pastorat, Göteborg, samt ett internationellt konstnärsnätverk inom ämnena musik, poesi, dans, röstkonst, matkonst, måleri, performance filosofi, teologi.

Performance Philosophy 

Collaboration through poetry/music/voice/dialogue, spring 2020

'Remember' by Christina Rossetti (words) & Mark Price (music)

NOTES INEGALES, Lyrics M. Price, Images J. Ben Joseph, Voice E. Belgrano; Music: appropriation of Swedish Psalm 717 


Performance Philosophy Group 

admin: Dr. Elisabeth Belgrano & Dr. Claire Maria Chambers



Book chapters


Belgrano, E. (2020)

Mapping the Burden of Vocality: French 17th Century Vocal Lamentations, Japanese Meditation and Somatic Intra-Action. in: Somatic Voices in Performance Research, Kapadocha C. & Belgrano, E., (eds), Routledge Voice Studies: Research Monographs, 


Belgrano, E. & Uehara, M. (2020)

'Performance in Japanese philosophy: Nishida & Acting-Intuition', in: The Routledge Companion to Performance Philosophy, Cull, L. & Lagaay, A. (eds), Routledge Press


ORNAMENTING-as-a-METHOD: exploring a poetical onto-ethico-epistemology.

An event series on new materialisms, Wed. 19 Feb,  

org. Localizing Feminist New Materialisms, University of Turku



No Self Can Tell: Voyages in Trans-Personal Trauma


Researchers: Dr. E. Laasonen Belgrano & Dr. M. D. Price

Performance Papers



Laasonen Belgrano, E.  & Price, M. D.(2022),      Letting Nothing DO Itself,  University of Gothenburg, 25-26 April


Laasonen Belgrano, E.  & Price, M. D.(2022)

Letting Nothing DO Itself, The 2022 IFTR Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, The Performance, Religion, and Spirituality Working Group, 20-24 June 2022


Laasonen Belgrano, E  & Price, M. D.(2022

Whispers From The Abyss,  isrlc Conference 2022, Transmutations and Transgressions,, “Material Religion”. Convenor: Petra Carlsson,      15-18 September 2022, University of Chester

Laasonen Belgrano, E. (2022)

Någon rörde vid mig, Gudsbilder i förändring. Uppsala Universitet / Svenska kyrkan


Lectures / Panels

Reading Radical Theology             (Performance Reading)

Invited performance reading and panel participation at Book release of Prof. Petra Carlsson Redell’s book “Avantgarde Art and Radical Material Theology” (Routledge) curated by Prof. Dan Siedell, Drew University, School of Theology.



Att vara förlorade  tillsammans

A dialog about NOTHING with philosopher Jonna Bornemark in relation to the exposition of: Vägg (wall), a huge scale immersive installation, by artist Dorna Aslanzadeh, which ‘Kollegium’ will display at Museum of World Culture in collaboration with the International Science Festival in Gothenburg. 6 May 2022.


 Ornamentation as methodology: creating new connections in performance research (2020-    )

Dr. E. Laasonen Belgrano, Inter Arts Center, Malmö/Lund University


Lessons in the Shadows of Death


Laasonen Belgrano et al.