We thank the British High Commission for sponsoring some of the accommodation of our guests and the cocktail party of Saturday Evening. 
The events included activities with the following participants: 
• Art Historian Ana Souto, UK/ Spain
• Artist Duncan Higgins , UK
• Artist Susan Brind, UK
• Artist Jim Harold, UK
• Artist Shauna McMullan, UK
• Artist Johan Sandborg, Norway
• Artist, Graphic Designer Linda Lien, Norway
• Artist Andy Lock, UK and Norway 
• Architect Yiorgos Hadjichristou
• Artist, sculptor Kyriakos Kallis 
• Hayal Gezer , performance- video – installation- artist
• Andri Tsiouti / architect and cultural landscape 
• Serap Kanay sound video—text—installation—artist—researcher
• English language teacher Duncan Mc Cowan , author of a book on spiders
• Sevina Floridou- Architect, historic preservation researcher 
• Peace2Peace Open Air Crochet Installations
• Panikos Chrysanthous- film director
• Architects Maria Hadjisoteriou, Angela Petrou with the Unit students and projects prepared for Agios Sozomenos 
• Nikos Philippou- photographer, artist
• NGO Urban Gorillas 
• Evanthia Tselika and Elena Parpa - Tracing the local: Senses of place and identity in the Cypriot landscape
• Natalie Konyalian, filmmaker
• Artist Despina Nikolaidou

Cyprus – Difficult histories 

The Creative Centre for Fluid Territories (CCFT)

Agios Sozomenos, Cyprus - The place of barley

CCFT in Cyprus


In November 2016, as part of CCFT’s rolling programme of practice-led research events, the Department of Architecture at the University of Nicosia organised and hosted an exhibition and colloquium that explored questions of place-identity in relation to the particular context of Nicosia and Cyprus. The colloquium included contributions from CCFT members as well as from invited international guest speakers. Members of CCFT spent 5 days as guests of the Department of Architecture, participating in the teaching programme (working particularly closely with staff and students who had mapped sections of the UN Buffer Zone in relation to an architectural project) and undertaking fieldwork in both the South and the North of the City, as well as in the surrounding landscape and further afield. As a result of this, one site in particular became the focus of interest: the now deserted village of Agios Sozomenos. At a subsequent meeting in Bergen, 2017 CCFT members decided to re-visit the site as a locus and to test the research questions empirically. 


Given the historic significance of the area, and the village’s more recent complex history, leading to its abandonment, along with its proximity to the UN Demilitarised Buffer Zone, it provides powerful and poignant conditions for the inquiry into CCFTs research questions.

The event was under taken between 20th to 28th of March 2018, and  constitutes one vital pre-Nornadic Dialogue construct.


Event: ‘Ayios Sozomenos – place of barley’ _ ‘Timeless Encounters’

 Place: Ayios Sozomenos and Potamia

Date and time:

  • Saturday 24.03.2018  14:00-21:00 Ayios Sozomenos and Potamia
  • Sunday 25.03.2018 11:00-19:00 Ayios Sozomenos and Potamia
  • Monday 26.03.2018 19:00-22:00 Spanish Ambassador’s residence


Planned activities- preliminary schedule:

Saturday 24.03.2018  14:00-21:00 Ayios Sozomenos and Potamia


Exhibitions/ installations/ presentations/ screenings/ tours etc in Ayios Sozomenos and Potamia Cultural Center


·       14:00-15:00 Presentation at the Potamia cultural centre by Elena Parpa- Tracing the local: Senses of Place and Identity in the Cypriot landscape

Evanthia (Evi) Tselika- Conflict Transformation Art in Nicosia: Engaging social groups across the divided city through artistic practices

15:00 – 20:00 events in Ayios Sozomenos and screenings and exhibition at Potamia Cultural Center

16:00 ‘Send me a postcard’! Mapping Ayios Sozomenos and Potamia by Ana Souto

17:30 Ritual by Kyriakos Kallis

Sunday 25.03.2018 11:00-21:00 Ayios Sozomenos and Potamia

Exhibitions/ installations/ presentations/ screenings/ tours etc in Ayios Sozomenos and Potamia Cultural Center


·         Exhibitions/ installations/ presentations/ screenings


  • 12:30 Gathering at Ayios Sozomenos
  • 14:30- 16:30 Cultural bicycle trip by Sevina Floridou
  • 16:30 Justyna Ataman performance ‘Human microclimates’
  • 18:00 Visit to the Cultural Center of Potamia


exhibition by the students and presentation by the tutors Maria Hadjisoteriou and Angela Petrou