This field tripe was made possible though grant from


Strategic Programme for International Research and Education

Nomadic Dialogues Nuuk   High Arctic Latitudes

High Arctic Latitudes, case study Nuuk Greenland

Five day fieldwork October 2018: 

  • The aim is to establish a new working networks in Nuuk 
  • To connect and expand on Nomadic dialogues 
  • To investigate the historical precedence of topographical representations of the far north.  E.g Harry Whitney's first and second expeditions to Arctic Greenland 
  • Understand the role in how culture can assist in shaping and contribute to the creative production and communication of new forms of understanding in the cases for study set out by Noimadic Dialogues. 
  • Develop an extended investigation of the impact of climate change within Nomadic Dialogues. E.G. The increased maritime activity in Arctic waters and the vulnerability related to human safety, environment and vessels or other physical installations at sea. The activities in focus are intraregional and interregional transportation, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas and mineral resources, fisheries and cruise tourism. Also the impact and consequence of climate change that impacts upon the challenges in the Arctic with limited infrastructure, low temperatures with ice and icing and a vulnerable nature.

Field trip participants:


Johan Sandborg,

Professor, Department of Fine Art

The Art Academy, Department of Contemporary Art

(KMD) University of Bergen

Duncan Higgins,

Professor of Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University College of Art, Humanities, Design and the Built Environment (NTU), and (KMD) University of Bergen

Bente Irminger,

Head of Artistic Research, Department of Design, Associate Professor of Spatial Design and Interior Architecture, (KMD) University of Bergen

Linda Lien,

Independent designer

Collaboration and intent of further development established with: 

Nuuk art Museum and Greenland National Museum

to futher expand on planed Nomadic dialogues in 2019.