spof is an ongoing everyday-scale experiment-in-process that started during the research process.

spof refers to ‘single point of failure’ and here I think of it loosely as a flaw in an ability to recognize the motional surrounding circumstance and changes in the materiality of it. This flaw produces spoffing and a spof. Through spoffing I experiment with the relation between place and space, between the sense of place and sense of space, and between the experience of place and experience of space. How are these two notions, place and space, interdependent? How does the interdependence activate, produce, or generate a choreographic body?

Even if spof is kind of a small parallel project, it is significant in processing the interdependence of space and place, and through spoffing I have processed and built my understanding about the choreographic potential of that interdependence in my practice.


The project started quite accidentally while walking in New York City. It shares a similar starting point with my project A guest, because on the street I simply felt an urge to change my direction as a response to the sense of movements that were constituting that particular spot where I was walking. Based on that first documentation in New York, I am in the following images trying to find the moment and the border between place and space by destabilizing the body.

spof is a durational work, and it is still in process. So far I have spoffed in New York City, Tokyo, Busan, Barcelona and Helsinki.



(images: Vincent Roumagnac)