End of PART I: Whistling in Lidingö overlapping with PART II: 

Voice And Live Electronics: The Strophonion featuring Untitled #3 (28:35)

PART I: The Oral And Vocal Material (39:18)

PART III: The Manifesto For The Multivocal Voice (40:42)

Unabridged Video Documentation Of Final Solo Performance


Reaktorhallen Stockholm (KTH)

13 December 2018



Moving Tongues: Playing Space

featuring voice, strophonion and video

(in three parts)

  • 00:00

Whistling in Lidingö


  • ca. 02:38 

Untitled #3

For voice and strophonion

  • 00:18

Welcome speech

  • 14:03 

Whistling with Seagulls, Ocean and Wind


  • 18:36 

Untitled #2

For voice solo

  • 22:04 

Mundfundstücke: Das Konsonantenvokabular


  • 30:41

Now I will do nothing but listen...

For countertenor

  • 33:11

Mönche am Meer: Eine konsonantische Auflösung 

For voice and video

  • 00:49

'This text would rather be performed than read.'

  • 02:33


(Video featuring voice solo)

  • 03:55

'In order to define the notion of the extended voice…'

  • 04:51 

Playing with Panache

(Video featuring voice and strophonion)

  • 06:45

The strophonion is a wireless, gesture-controlled digital musical instrument…'

For whispered voice

  • 07:50

'The multivocal voice shows responsibility not only for one, but for many voices…'

  • 09:26

'Art is the setting-itself-to-work of truth.' (Martin Heidegger) / 'Embracing the it - status'

  • 13:15


(Video featuring voice and strophonion)

  • 16:25

'One basic prerequisite for attaining a multivocal voice is to sharpen its control mechanisms, its cybernetics…'

  • 21:10

Nono said: 'Infinite readiness for the surprising, the unusual, the questioning…'

For whispered voice and contact microphone on cheek

  • 22:14

The attempt to blend into each other the normal singing voice with the Kargyraa technique…

For voice solo

  • 24:14

Towards Homo Mundi

  • 26:09

Inwards: Multiphonics produced on ingressive airflow

For voice solo

  • 27:20

'In case of the lower lip whistling…'

  • 28:29

Searching the Magpie

'Video featuring the whistling voice and potential birds'

  • 31:42

'The methodological foundation of the multivocal voice is in fact the exchanging drive to play with other multi-attunements (Vielgestimmtheiten)…'

  • 34:08

Homo Mundi

For countertenor solo

  • 36:05

'In conclusion, the work on the multivocal voice is characterised by remembrance work…'