Alex Nowitz

voice, sound, music, composition, improvisation, gesture-controlled live electronics
Germany °1968
research interests: contemporary vocal performance art, voice, extended practice, improvisation and real-time composition, voice and live electronics, composition, composer-performer, politics of voice, philosophy of voice

Alex Nowitz (PhD) is both a vocal performance artist and composer of vocal, instrumental and electroacoustic music including works for chamber music ensembles, music theatre as well as music for opera, dance and spoken theatre. As performer Alex presents a wide range of vocal expressions encompassing the countertenor voice, throat singing and whistling practices as well as a multitude of extended vocal techniques. 
During the 1990s, in both Germany (LMU Munich, TU Berlin, University of Potsdam) and the USA (SUNY Potsdam), Alex studied the classical tenor voice, piano, music theory, composition, jazz and music education. Throughout this time he also performed with ensembles engaging in experimental punk rock and improvised music. He interprets new music scores, appears in theatre plays and, what's more, he presents solo vocal performances at new music festivals and theatre houses on the international stage (Europe, USA, Korea). As composer Alex received numerous grants and residencies in Canada, France and Germany, composed two operas (Die Bestmannoper; Traumnovelle), multidisciplinary installation concerts (Wolfsgeheul; Moving Tongues: Playing Space) and chamber music pieces with and without the voice. Regarding spoken theatre, Alex collaborated, among others, with German director Thomas Ostermeier at the Schaubuehne Berlin: The CityThe CutEin Sommernachtstraum. In regards to dance he joined forces with Toronto-based choreographer Marie-Josée Chartier and Berlin-based choreographer-dancers, such as Susanne Martin or Florencia Lamarca. From 2007 on, artist-in-residence at STEIM in Amsterdam, he developed two gesture-sensitive, electronic instruments each of which he uses as an extension of the voice, most notably the strophonion, a custom, wireless, digital musical instrument applying two hand controllers. In February 2019, defending the artistic research project Monsters I Love: On Multivocal Arts he received the Doctoral Degree in Fine Arts in Performative and Mediated Practices with Specialisation in Opera from the Stockholm University of the Arts.


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