All components of the strophonion spread out on a table


for voice, strophonion and a chair to be ignored

The original pair of the strophonion's hand controllers developed at STEIM and handcrafted by Florian Göttke in Amsterdam, including the belt, designed by Heather Mac Crimmon, to be used for ultrasonic measurements

The strophonion is a digital musical instrument (DMI) custom-built at STEIM Amsterdam for Alex Nowitz to be used in vocal live performances. It belongs to the instrument group of gesture-controlled live electronics applying interactive sensor and computer technology. The controller devices, asymmetric by design and functionality, are hold by the hands to either control the parameters of sound and music or the functionality of the instrument. The technology built inside consists of 3d-accelerometers, 2d-joystick technology, ultrasonic measurement, pressure sensor and  21 keys to control parameters of sound and music as well as the instrument's functionality.

LiSa is the abbreviation for Live Sampling, a software environment developed by Michel Waisvisz and Frank Baldé at STEIM, the studio for electro-instrumental music in Amsterdam. Over the course of almost six years, from 2010 until 2016, I was collaborating with Frank on the LiSa configuration for the strophonion. In order to get insights on instrument and its related practices feel invited to read the article Developing and Playing the Strophonion, published in autumn 2016 at eContact!, an online journal for electroacoustic music in Montréal (Canada).

The Strophonion with LiSa—The Original or First Version