Doctoral Thesis in Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki

Lauren O'Neal: Assembling a Praxis: Choreographic Thinking and Curatorial Agency

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Curatorial Project Two: Clew: A Rich and Rewarding Disorientation

This exposition corresponds to Section Six: Extending Lines in All Directions: Curatorial Dramaturgy in the printed dissertation available in the Taju archive.

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Clew introduces curatorial dramaturgy and traces how an open-ended curatorial process enables multiple narratives.

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Additional Curatorial Projects

Dissertation Text

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Assembling a Praxis: Choreographic Thinking and Curatorial Agency is a doctoral thesis that is part of the degree of Doctor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, at the University of the Arts Helsinki. The dissertation includes the written component, which takes the form of a published book (the adjacent image) and artistic components consisting of three curatorial projects, located within the Research Catalogue as online expositions (the images to the left).

The book can be accessed in the University

of the Arts's publication archive Taju:
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