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Clew: A Rich and Rewarding Disorientation

Initial Gestures


Curatorial Project

This exposition focuses on the curatorial project Clew: A Rich and Rewarding Disorientation, held at the Lamont Gallery in 2017. The project is part of my doctoral research on Assembling a Praxis: Choreographic Thinking and Curatorial Agency where I propose a choreographic approach to curating: a flexible and generative structure that attends to elements of composition, dramaturgy, and movement within the exhibition context. Clew proposes a framework for curatorial dramaturgy and asks: What is the potential of a dramaturgical approach within an open-ended exhibition structure? Who, or what, is the curatorial dramaturg? How do materials and time contribute to unfolding exhibition narratives?

[This exposition corresponds to Section Six: Extending Lines in All Directions: Curatorial Dramaturgy in the printed dissertation.]


Unruly Mapping

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a flexible and generative structure

Wavering Lines

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