Introduction   1. Entering  the Landscape   2. Exploring the Territory  3. The Reed Trumpet  4. Influences  5. Solo  6. Trilogy  7. Epilogue  8. Appendix





Internal supervisor at Norwegian Academy of Music: Ivar Frounberg External supervisor: Evan Parker

Text writing supervisor: Eivind Buene

Further supervising: in a mix of talks, discussions, lessons or music performance with important peers in my field: John Butcher, Nate Wooley, Bjørn Kruse, Peter Evans, Agusti Fernandez, Lotte Anker, Rolf Erik Nystrøm, Søren Kjærgaard, Thomas Strønen, Jacob Anderskov, Karsten Fundal, Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg, Koichi Makigami, Benjamin Dwyer, Barry Guy, Franziska Schroeder and more.



Live concerts as part of the project 2013-2016


  • 28 solo concerts in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, USA, Austria, Spain, Ireland and England.
  • Duo concerts nationally and abroad with: Barry Guy, Koichi Makigami, Peter Evans, Paal Nilssen-Love, David Whitwell, Thomas Strønen, Peter Bruun, Augusti Fernandez, Nate Wooley, Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjerg, Michiyo Yagi, Maja S.K. Ratkje.
  • Composition collaboration, workshop and concerts with composer Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjerg. Various international tour activities with my trio: The Living Room (w/ Thomas Strønen and Søren Kjærgaard) in Japan, Spain, England, Norway and Denmark. Concerts with Barry Guy “Blue Shroud” ensemble in Germany, Poland and Switzerland Several workshops and concerts as a soloist with ”The Norwegian Wind Ensemble” in Norway. Live concert recording with The Living Room & Barry Guy in Copenhagen. Concert with research fellows Per Zanussi and Morten Qvenild. Performances in various ensembles from the creative music community in Copenhagen.


Participation in the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme `s mandatory parts:

  • Participation in four mandatory seminars 2012-2014

Research Fellowship Seminar # 1 - Introduction seminar - Artistic Research 8-10 October 2012 - Soria Moria Konferranse Hotell, Oslo

Research Fellowship Seminar # 2 - Critical Reflection 15-17 January 2013 - Voksenåsen, Oslo

Research Fellowship Seminar # 3 - Ownership, copyright and third-person relations 21 & 22 Maj 2014 - Voksenåsen, Oslo

Research Fellowship Seminar # 4 – Project development 2 & 3 June 2014 - Rica Hotel Gardemoen, Gardemoen


  • Participation in research fora 2012-2015

Artistic Research Forum 20-21 October 2012 - Bergen

Artistic Research Forum 20-21 March 2013 - Voksenåsen, Oslo (presentation)

Artistic Research Forum 21-23 October 2013 - Trondheim

Artistic Research Forum 25-26 March 2014 - Voksenåsen ,Oslo (presentation)

Artistic Research Forum 21-23 October 2014 - UiT Norge Arktiske Universitet, Tromsø

Artistic Research Forum 17 -18 March 2015 - Holmen Fjordhotel , Asker (presentation)


Project specific part:

Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH):

  • 5 internal presentations at NMH (2012-2015)
  • Participation in NMH’s - Jazz Department meetings.
  • Participation in internal KUST courses by Ole Lützow–Holm, Sten Sandell, Ivar Frounberg, Åsa Unander-Scharin, Eivind Buene & ”Max msp” course with research fellow Christian Blom.
  • Teaching at NMH: supervisor for bachelor students and individual lessons for other students. Masterclasses for saxophonists, ensemble workshops in improvisation, guest teacher at InterCcourse, and leading an ensemble week project (ending with a large student ensemble concert )
  • Soloist with ”Norwegian Academy of Music’s Percussion Ensemble” Participant in Fred Frith’s project on NMH’s jazzfestival Serendip. Solo & duo concert in NMH’s concert series: RAW:


External activities:


  • Presentation at RMC in Copenhagen for employees in the research department
  • Presentation at KUV symposium for NMH, University of Gothenburg and RMC
  • Presentation, workshop & solo-concert at Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst - Graz
  • Presentation, workshop & solo-concert at Royal Academy of Music Århus/Aalborg in Århus
  • Presentation, workshop & solo-concert at “Scandinavian Saxophone Festival” in Århus.
  • Presentation & solo-concert at “Musikkens Hus” - Sønderho (dk)
  • Presentation & solo-concert at Sonic Arts Research Centre - Queen's University Belfast
  • Presentation & solo-concert at Middlesex University - London


   Introduction   1. Entering  the Landscape   2. Exploring the Territory  3. The Reed Trumpet  4. Influences  5. Solo  6. Trilogy  7. Epilogue  8. Appendix