Torben Snekkestad

Denmark (residence), Norway (citizenship) °1973
research interests: improvisation, AI, poetic and sensuous learning, embodiment, artistic research, cultural appropriation, counterpoint, rhizome, methodology, Multiplicities
affiliation: Norwegian Artistic Research Programme

Over the years, Torben Snekkestad has explored vast areas of music in a reflected and open-minded way. From free improvisation and jazz playing as a leader and sideman, to classical chamber music playing and as a soloist with symphony orchestras/sinfonietta.

In both his solo and ensemble work he manages to channel these manifold musical footsteps into a singularly identifiable saxophone sound, creating a highly elaborate and idiosyncratic musical language. 

 With a distinct poetic ear, extremely extended playing techniques, intuitive improvisations, evocative compositional use of structure and textures, Snekkestad earns himself a place as one of the most inspiring Scandinavian saxophonists around.

 Performed and worked with, among others: Barry Guy, Nate Wooley, Maja S.K. Ratkje, Koichi Makigami, Thomas Strønen, Arve Henriksen, Søren Kjærgaard, Raymond Strid, Peter Evans, Augusti Fernandez, Paal Nilssen-Love, Andrew Cyrille, Jon Balke and Cikada String Quartet.

Toured extensively throughout Europe, USA, Russia, East Asia and Argentina.

“Conic Folded is a fully formed collection of saxophone and improvisational mastery”  about Torben Snekkestad`s solo album


He`s currently a teacher at “Rhythmic Music Conservatory” and ”The Royal Danish Academy Music” and at various workshops.


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