Torben Snekkestad

Norway °1973
research interests: improvisation, embodiment, sampling, critical listening, instrument design, extended techniques, music technology, new materialisms, experimental music, diffractive methodology, phenomenology, listening practices, electroacoustic music
affiliation: Norwegian Academy of Music

Torben Snekkestad is a Norwegian saxophonist, improviser, composer,educator and researcher who explores a rich palette of musical genres and aesthetic expressions. From free improvisation to electroacoustic music - from jazz to classical solo and chamber music, his musical signature is shaped by a melting pot of diverse musical influences, with distinctive and extended playing techniques playing a central role - consistently keeping an open ear to poetic compositional structures and forms that infuse vitality and drama into his music. Snekkestad has shared both stage and studio with an commendable list of internationally recognized artists. He has toured around the world and shares his expertise as an educator at reputable music education institutions. With an extensive discography spanning from solo works to numerous collaborations with various ensembles, Torben Snekkestad has established himself as a significant voice in today's experimental music scene. He is currently professor of contemporary music performance at Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo and holds a Ph.D. in artistic research from Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.


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