Tear, documentation, 23rd july 2018

 Sticks & Stones, Performance, Prudhoe, 11th October 2018

 Diagram, Critique, 30th October

Remnants of a performance, Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden.

 Playing with Paper, session one, 2018

The performances we undertook were not necessarily the most important part of the work, an audience for these in immediacy is not exactly necessary, the performances are a process for the documentation, the documentation thus acts as an extension of performance rather than being a relic, we are interested in the ‘After-event’.

 If you think about it, it seems natural to perform with these two materials that have at one time caressed   each other in their environmental condition and will now caress each other in their use as an artistic   material.

Rain pays no attention to which direction of the river it falls onto, it falls on all surfaces and on all directions of flow. Instead I feel the notion of ontology of flow should be acknowledged closer to the mechanics of an actual river. 

 Ryton Willows, 10th November

 How can you describe a sound without mentioning the   vessel it has departed from? I’ll   start  by walking on egg   shells. It’s difficult to manifest sound within writing as   there is not   a language for it but perhaps through my   murmurings I can try to conjure the sound in   your head.   Sound isn’t just a physical presence and we are capable of   sustaining a   relationship with sound through our   reconjuring. I encourage you to print out this murmur and spend five minutes crumpling it in your hand,   through  this exchange maybe I can   transport sound   from  one vessel to another. Perhaps it has already   departed from many   different vessels, but it has managed   to sustain its aural persona. The sound is a   companion  to   the vessel, but it is not a quality of that vessel, it can   escape  and re-attach   itself to other vessels, it is living   through a cast of its own shadow. 

 Documentation could perform like a form of residue or spillage, rather than   purporting to contain something and perhaps capture something, it in fact   perhaps behaves like a form of liquid, its amoeba like, it grows and becomes much   more about a transference and a spillage.

 Playing with paper, session two, 2018 (workshop with fine art conservation students)