Profond-lent is one of the static movements of Cants Màgics. It is built upon a two-bar ostinato that recalls a funeral procession. This motif presents three main support points: Bb - Cb- C. As one can clearly notice, these form an ascending chromatic line. It is also important to comment that there is an extra element that adds tension to the progression: B flat placed before the highest note. The final result is the increase of the last intervallic distance (a whole tone instead of half a tone)  which creates the feeling that it is harder to arrive to the peak-note of the motif. 


Another characteristic of this piece is the presence of a drone from beginning to end. This note, apart from contributing to its static character, also indicates the starting point of each new section. Accordingly, A section’s drone is Eb  (the tonic), B section’s drone is Bb (the dominant), and A’ section’s drone is again Eb (the tonic).


The piece lacks a formal melody, therefore its main musical richness resides in the layers that counterpoint the ostinato. The opening serves as a presentation of the ostinato only accompanied by the drone. Next, the first layer appears in contrary motion in relation to the ostinato. In section B one finds dense and slightly dissonant chords with the indication of sota el pes de la son (under the weight of sleepiness). Following there are descending fast lines on the high register that act as volatile ornamentations. These are marked with una mica d’aire (some air). Finally, the layers of section A’ are in contrary motion as in the first section. 


There is not much to comment concerning Mompou’s performance of Profond-lent. Nonetheless, two elements are worth to discuss. On the one hand, the duration of the semiquaver of the ostinato which is at times elongated. On the other hand, the anticipation of a certain note in a chord to highlight its importance. This last aspect can be seen in section B, sota el pes de la son, to bring out the ostinato line.

Mompou's recording of Profond-lent, from  Cants Màgics. Recorded in 1974. 

Blanca's recording of "Profond-lent", from Cants Màgics, inspired in Mompou's performance style. Recorded in 2020.