I would like to thank all the people who helped bring this research to life. Firstly, to my

knowledgeable supervisor, Bart van Oort: many thanks for helping me think outside the box

and encouraging me to pursue ever the spontaneous, unique and exciting world of the

Viennese Court in 18th and 19th century.

Thanks to Eric Hoeprich for teaching me historical clarinet during my studies at the Royal

Conservatory of The Hague. I have gained technical, musical and expressive confidence

from my lessons with this amazing musician and teacher.

Thanks to the administration of the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague, for the

belief in this research and for the support during the project "Cartellieri, Divertimenti for

Harmoniemusik". Thank also to Francesco Spendolini and Hugo Arteaga, for sharing your

knowledge during the project and for the for the amazing experience I had when working

on the interpretation of the Cartellieri works.

In order to write this paper, many libraries were requested to supply information and

material pertinent to the study. Without the services of cooperative librarians, a paper of

this type would be improbable if not it would not be possible to write a paper on this

subject.I wish to thank Dr. Andrea Harrandt (Musiksammlung der Österreichischen

Nationalbibliothek), Zuzana Petraskova (National Library of CZ) and Michaela Hejlová

(Library Prague Conservatory) for their personal help with the manuscripts of the

Cartellieri’s works. Thanks to Martina Tionová, Executive Assistant to William and

Alexandra Lobkowicz and head of The Lobkowicz Collections in the Prague Castle and to

Petr Slouka, musicologist and curator of the Lobkowicz music archive. Moreover, thanks

to Martie Severt (Library of Koninklijk conservatorium in The Hague), Sarah Damery

(Butler University Libraries), Ilse Kosz (Archiv, Bibliothek und Sammlungen der

Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien) and Doris Jaenisch (Universitätsbibliothek


Thanks to Dr. Josef Löffler (Institute of Austrian Historical Research of the University of

Vienna), for the transcription of the Report of Joseph Cartellieri on the life of his father

Antonio Casimir Cartellieri, 16-12-1826. A special thanks to Anna Zanovello for the help

with the translations from German, and to Madeleine Bouïssou for the enormous editing


Last but not least, to my family and friends for showing patience and support through this

journey. Most of all, I wish to thanks my parents, Maurizio and Eliana, who sustained me

in these two years of master abroad and because they always encouraged me to explore and

question the world and try to make sense of it: thus I wish to dedicate this research to them.