The Norwegian Programme for Artistic Research / The Norwegian Academy of Music 2011-2016

Main supervisor: Professor emeritus of composition Bjørn Kruse, the Norwegian Academy of Music 

Co-supervisors: Professor of jazz piano Misha Alperin, the Norwegian Academy of Music
and Assistant professor of composition Eivind Buene, the Norwegian Academy of Music 

Committee: Assistant professor Nils Henrik Asheim, University of Stavanger,
Professor of musical performance Anna Lindal, Stockholm Academy of the Arts,
Docent of artistic research in music Stefan Östersjö, Malmö Music Academy 


Sound examples from NationsSolspillDet abstrakte i folkekunstenAvstandsrissVillarkorn and Den åttende dagen are rendered with permission from the composers and the record company. The sound examples from the recording of Nations piano concerto is rendered with permission from NRK. Sound examples from Norwegian folk music is referred to in the discography, and rendered as quoted according to the Norwegian copyright law §22. Painting by Gerhard Richter is rendered with permission from the artist. 

Thank you to the composers; Øyvind, Asbjørn, Erik and Lasse, for your music and inspiring conversations, your
and creativity. Thank you to my supervisors; Wolfgang for credence and ideas, Eivind for advice of writing,
Misha for inspiring conversations and playing together (never to be forgotten); and a special thanks to Bjørn for
priceless support and presence and important conversations. Thank you once again Erik, thanks to my parents for the
musical childhood and all support, and thanks to Sigurd and Sveinung for your inspiration, patience and interest.