is a collaborative choreographed musical work 

with concept and performance by

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy and Hiromi Miyakita.

This video essay analyzes the working process

which encompasses two intense working periods

with the outcome of two premiered versions,

the first is in Japan (2018) and the second is in Sweden (2019).

During the working period many workshops and interviews

have been conducted by

the Vietnamese đàn tranh player Nguyễn Thanh Thủy

and the Japanese dancer/choreographer/visual artist Hiromi Miyakita. 

By approaching habitual movement with the aim of seeking

its essence through an effortless performance,

Thin As Skin proposes ways of performing differently.

With reference to Trịnh Minh-ha (2011) I argue that such performance

“denaturalizes the body by disengaging itself from the quest for a so-called organic choreographic process, which often dwells on a narrow concept of the discursive, hence remaining blind as to how subject and object come into being” (p. 88).

Further, this subconscious search for the essence of movement also at times becomes a revelation of the musicality of dance. These perspectives are addressed in the video essay, which also combines the artistic outcomes of the two first versions of the piece. 


Trịnh, M-H. (2011). Elsewhere, within here. New York: Routledge.