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5/6 March 2010 in Bern

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Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)


Call for support:


Deadline for expressions of interest: January 31, 2010.


Constitutive meeting: March 5/6, 2010 in Bern, Switzerland.



The international Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) is in the making! After an initial development phase funded by Y (Institute for Transdisciplinarity), Bern University of the Arts, we are now looking for individuals and institutions to get involved and to share our idea of a dedicated journal for artistic research. Already, JAR has widespread support. However, by making this call public do we hope to widen the journal's support basis before we consolidate the journal and start working on issue 0. Now is the time to get involved!


We have set up a webpage where you can find additional information and a link to the JAR draft proposal. There is also a form with which you can sign up to our mailing list. 


Financial support from member institutions is required for the funding of the journal; please indicate if your institution is interested in becoming a supporting member. Deadline for expressions of interest is January 31, 2010. A meeting to discuss quality criteria and peer-reviewing processes and to finalize the organizational structure will be held on March 5/6, 2010; a more detailed invitation will be emailed later in January. We explicitly encourage participation from a variety of practices, disciplines and sectors.


The link is:


Michael Schwab, Royal College of Art, London:

Florian Dombois, Bern University of the Arts:

Henk Borgdorff, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Design, Music and Dance, The Hague:


Y (Institute for Transdisciplinarity)

Bern University of the Arts

Fellerstrasse 11

CH-3027 Bern



Please forward this email to others who might be interested.


JAR Draft Proposal


JAR0 Submission Guidelines

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)

Call for Support

The planned Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) is an international, online, Open Access and double blind peer-reviewed journal for the identification, publication and dissemination of artistic research and its methodology. The journal's most innovative feature is the Research Catalogue (RC), which is a searchable, documentary database of artistic research work and its exposition. The RC is an inclusive, open-ended, bottom-up research tool that supports the journal's academic contributions.


JAR is unique; it is the only journal worldwide that systematically features artistic research output in close proximity to academic articles and methodological discussions. Introducing a high-quality journal in the field allows an ever-increasing number of artistic researchers to partake in what in the sciences and humanities are standard academic publication procedures.

In the context of JAR, artistic research is double defined: in so far as it is research, it enhances knowledge and understanding; because it is artistic, however, the mode of presentation is essential. This definition excludes works of art, for which the mode of presentation is essential, but which do not enhance understanding. It also excludes research that is not dependant on its presentation. Given that artistic research is an emerging paradigm, contributing to the development of epistemological as well as artistic criteria for the exposure of artistic research is a key concern of the journal. JAR embraces research practices across disciplines thereby emphasising the transdisciplinary character of much artistic research. Part of JAR's mission is to re-negotiate art's relationship to academia and the role and function of research in artistic practice.

JAR offers a solution for the desire of artistic researchers to have their work displayed and documented in manner that cares about modes of presentation. By introducing with the RC a standard of documentation, the journal responds to the artistic and academic communities, which require high quality referencing and documentation. Moreover, the journal meets the demand of art institutions such as museums, galleries and collections to have artistic research made accessible.

The first issue of JAR is planned for 2010.

A more detailed draft proposal for JAR can be downloaded here.

At this stage, we are looking for finanical, academic and artistic support for JAR. As institution, you can help us to run JAR and to enhance its role in the field of artistic research; as individual, you can support JAR as author or as advisor.

We are in the process of setting up a list of supporters, which we can contact for future funding applications and calls. Please use the form below to send us your details if you are interested in supporting JAR.





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*Please, check this box if your institution is interested in financially supporting JAR by becoming a member of the journal's stirring group. Deadline for expressions of interest is December 1st, 2009.


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JAR is an initiative by Michael Schwab and Florian Dombois, Y (Institute for Transdiciplinarity), Bern University of the Arts, Switzerland.


Michael Schwab
Y (Institute for Transdisciplinarity)
Bern University of the Arts
Fellerstrasse 11
CH-3027 Bern

JAR 0 Information sheet.

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If you are not sure, please describe here what you would like to do:


10/06/2010 Leiden Handout

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