The RESEARCH CATALOGUE is a research management system and collaborative publishing framework. It allows to share work-in-progress and to publish research in a manner that supports artistic thinking using sustainable internet technology.

Supporting artistic thinking

a. Modes of writing:

b. Multi-media tools:

  • text, picture, audio, video, slidshow, pdf, play tool, shape and comment


Collaborative workspace

a. Online file storage in media archive

b. Authors, co-authors, contributors and supervisors from the same or different institutions across the globe can collaborate

c. Editors, reviewers and administrators are part of structured workflows

Engaging with a public

a. Share work-in-progress

b. Publish with stable reference

c. Allow to use and re-use media

d. Commenting and discussion

e. Finding research and networking

From enhanced publishing platform to research management system:



sustainable, scalable repository

what-you-see-is-what-you-get workspace

scaleable toolbox

submission, reviewing and publishing workflow

researcher profile, full text search, messaging and discussion system

collaborative workspace and sharing of work-in-progress; use and re-use of assets in the repository

comment tool and task assignment in collaborative setting; track-changes