Concert 3

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Resonance 3: Continuum. Live Video (Short Excerpt),4'32''.


Resonance 3: Continuum, Live Video (long excerpt), 22'02'', 15 June 2018



Resonance 3 – Continuum. Score by Nathan Riki Thomson.

Resonance 3 – Continuum. Live audio recording. 15 June 2018.




Artistic Component Three

Concert 3: Resonance 3 - Continuum

A collaboration between musicians and dancers from Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, France, and Madagascar

15 June 2018, Black Box, Helsinki Music Center

This page connects with chapter 8.3 Concert 3: Resonance 3 -  Continuum in the artistic doctoral thesis

Resonance 3 - Continuum explores the fundamental elements of rhythm, texture, movement, and human connection, building on the concept of resonance as both a physical phenomenon and a metaphor for intercultural dialogue and collaboration. In collaboration with musicians and dancers from different backgrounds, we aimed to create a dialogue that explored themes of identity, diversity, human connection, borders, struggle, perseverance, and the search for common ground, striving for a state where the performers are taken over by the music and movement itself.

The production of the live performance involved placing the audience on a raised circular platform in the middle of the room, with the four musicians situated at equal distances around the outside of the circle and the dancers moving freely in the space. Transducers were placed under the seating platform, which enabled audience members to feel the sonic frequencies and rhythmic impulses in their bodies.  


Adriano Adewale (Brazil), percussion, berimbau, vocals 

Amandine Doat (France), dance

Otso Lähdeoja (Finland), electronics

Fornier Ortiz (Colombia), dance

Petra Poutanen (Finland), vocals

Njara Rasolo (Madagascar), dance

Nathan Riki Thomson (Australia), double bass, augmented double bass, stomp box, ilimba, vocals

Satu Tuomisto (Finland), choreography

Elina Valtonen (Finland), dance