Concert 1

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Concert 1: Resonance 1. Working notes by Nathan Riki Thomson. 




Artistic Component One




Artistic working group and performers:

Amos Darkwa Asare (Ghana), spoken word

Jouko Kyhälä (Finland), live electronics, harmonica

Otso Lähdeoja (Finland), live electronics and sound design

Juhana Nyrhinen (Finland), instrument maker

Fornier Ortiz (Colombia), dance

Ville Tanttu (Finland), visuals

Nathan Riki Thomson (Australia), double bass, prepared bass, ilimba, stomp box, vocals

Satu Tuomisto (Finland), choreography


In Concert 1, the theme of Resonance is explored in three interconnected ways:

  • Sonic Resonance: resonance as a sonic phenomenon and the ability of frequencies to shape physical form;
  • Personal Resonance: with a place, the land, an idea, an emotion, etc.; and
  • Community Resonance:the importance of finding points of understanding, connection or resonance with others. How does this happen and how can we cultivate this skill?


In musical terms, inspiration is drawn from the natural resonating qualities of traditional Aboriginal Australian, Brazilian, Gambian, and Tanzanian instruments:

  • Ilimba: thumb piano from the Wagogo people of central Tanzania;
  • Filimbi: overtone flute from the Wagogo people of central Tanzania;
  • Litungu and Bolon: bass end lutes from Tanzania and The Gambia;
  • Brazilian berimbau/Tanzanian Ndono; and
  • Australian Aboriginal Yolngu Yidaki.


Rhythmic and timbral elements, as well as the physical playing techniques of these instruments are explored on the double bass as a means for expanding the sonic palette and approaches to the instrument. Themes of personal and community resonance act as inspiration for the emerging new music and dance. Resonating frequencies travel in the space through a multiple speaker set-up, as well as through the seats of the audience through a speaker system installed under the seats. Salt, seeds and dried flowers are placed on a metal plate above a speaker and react to changing frequencies and rhythmic impulses in real time at various points during the concert.  


The concert was recorded and filmed live for the University of the Arts Helsinki YouTube channel.

Concert 1: Resonance 1

Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre, 3 June 2016