Exercise: #ListeningForSilence

1. Where is the place you spend the most time indoors? Go to this
place. It could be a room in your home or your office. Sit or lay
down in a comfortable position. Spend 10 minutes with your eyes
closed, listening to all of the sounds around you, nearby and far
away. What do you hear?

2. Seek out a public or urban environment—a local coffee shop, a busy street corner, your rooftop. Again, for 10 minutes, listen to the
sounds around you. Try to take it all in, with equal value, without
judgment. What do you notice?

3. Find a natural/green space within your town or city—a public park
or garden or a tree in your yard. Close your eyes and listen for 15
minutes this time. How is the quality of sound different in this
location compared to the location in exercise #2?

4. Seek out a natural space, away from the hustle and bustle of the
city. This space could be a wooded trail or a meadow with a stream.
Sit or lay down with your eyes closed. For 30 minutes, listen to
the sounds around you. What do you hear in this place?

5. Return to the place indoors from exercise #1. Repeat the first
exercise. Has your experience of listening changed? If so, how?


Listening for Silence by Adam Loften & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

from: https://emergencemagazine.org/story/listening-for-silence/

Materials Jamilla Balint


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author: Jamilla Balint

date: Apr-2019