How to engage audience and raise their awareness of the media bias through an open narrative within multi-modal platforms environment?


Bias . Hoax ---> Dispute . Conflict

This research is trying to investigate the bias behaviour in media, particularly in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram then translating it into a transmedia storytelling through multi-cross platform.

The objectives of the research are to engage the audience and raise their awareness as well as providing a space for their reflections in how to deal with all of the overflowing information in this internet era.

#mediabias #transmedia #multimodal #immersive

There is a lot of disputes that sometimes became a conflict, either in the virtual world (social media) or in the real life. Just because of there is no certain limitations in which we interact with others in the social media platform.



Confusion --->  Awareness ---> Reflection

Few steps that are expected from this research is firstly to engage the audience to be the part of the work, then create a confusion and subsequently raise their awareness of what is really happening. In the end, it would provide a space of which they could reflect on.

To be part of, to be aware of, and finally to emerge new perspectives.

There are two key questions for this research in order to achieve its aim.

The first one is ACT; how do we put our trust in perceiving the media.

And the second one is REACT; how do we interact with it with being empathetic to the others within its interconnected environment.

"There is no absolute truth in the media. As a spectator, we decide by ourselves in how to consume, create, and co-create the media. Scenography can provide a space to facilitate all of those decisions."


Trust ------ Empathy




In the beginning, the behaviour of the media was more likely in one-direction, from producer to consumer. Though, it could still evoke a dispute because of the bias of the information; from one producer's point of view and from other producer's point of view.

Now, there is a shifting behaviour from one-direction to multiple-direction. It is because of the internet as the platform in which media has been spread. Specifically in the social media platforms, where the line between producer and consumer has been blurred. Everyone can be consumer as well as producer. With this open and interactive environment, the circulation of the content can be turned into an infinite loop. To some degree, the screen of our device in which we access the media through the internet could bring us into an isolated space from the real world. It creates a virtual world that separate us from the reality.




Information Overload





"All media work us over completely.

They are so pervasive in their personal, political, economic, aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical, and social consequences that they leave no part of us untouched, unaffected, unaltered.

The medium is the massage."

     - Marshall McLuhan