Input for data? Hanging wombs on trees?


I imagine three legged stools ("Schemel", "Gebärstuhl") in the shape of a pelvis, open for optimal ventilation from below and connection, vetebra-anus-earth. Colors: white = bones. Or other color: yellow. possible materials: gips, zellulose, palmblätter, 
they come in S M nd L shapes. Maybe the visitor's hips are being measured.


Work with Clay

Interior / lights /atmosphere 

dust accumulating as in = boxes)
I see very bright light, almost to light to discern shapes
I see a wooden structure that a child can climb on 
I see light, softness
I see someone trying to bring order to the accumulating boxes
Soft sound, with something humping, pumping,
I hear a washing machine
Like being inside of a body
I see the special lamp that cordula once got to borrow that has a controller and where you can shift the mood and color very fast
I see people wondering around trying to find their way into the system in silence
exaggerated qualities bright=super bright
someone is nestling and fiddling, taking things out of boxes, Arranging them anew
dark (cellar) = dark + torch or infra red (photo developing)
i see soft fabrics with sharp graphic details
what has come inside is being laid out on tables
I see coloured lights
I see boxes slowly seeping to places they should not even go to
I hear a combination of artificial and bodily connections
I see boxes turning into liquid, dripping down the steps to the cellar
sinus waves
I see smoke, overtones
I see a box with red light
I hear a beat
Something in one of the corners
Smoke like ”air cleaning”
I hear “water coming”
I see squares turning into triangles
I hear scratching and dripping
I see the water running creating a puddle outside of the building
I hear distant hummingmuffled atmosphere like as if the door is shut
i hear a child breast feeding
I hear someone typing like you now
I see time quickly passing through the space (as if years passing in instants)
I see a labyrinth
I see someone’s hand
I see people stepping into the puddles outside, discovering past wisdom in them
so when you enter I see a very old and a very young white man
Gilbert and Robert Trappl
i see doors, some are always closed but you can hear sounds behind them
is there an attic?
I see lots of bags
I see time moving differently inside vs. outside
I hear the someone „Trappeln“ maybe on the roof
I see the idea of playing with spaces that are not there in the room where we go blind folded
I smell fresh air and lavendel
Robert Trappel trappelt
I see someone coming out with a lump of red clay
I hear everyone talking about the attic (but it is nowhere to be seen)
baby lavendel
you hear it again the song
choreography speed

Laundry hanging down from the ceiling

a washing machine

Gymastic balls

To merge things from interior and exterior to make it more site-specific and to add a familiar strangeness to the whole that activates your senses.

Talking about senses – sound design but sound is as always an amazing tool to build spaces. The lighting as well, to work with the light sources in the building but cover some with color filters 

Tent / Structures / Sails




Velcro fastener DUAL LOCK

to attach cloth. to
trees, building, windows,

stripes or other shapes.

inspiration: limpet (Klette) and misteltoe (ectoparasitical plant)


Are we wearing masks inside?
Are we painted? 

How do people look when they come out?

The atmosphere after giving birth...The softness, how silent it feels even if you hear babies. Like everything is wrapped in cotton (also because you might have some painkillers and relaxing hormones in your system of course;) Anyways, to try and capture that aura in a space could be of interest?


Could we incorporate shapes in the aesthetic somehow, in the graphic of a questionnaire, a pattern on the towels or a mindmap on a wall. Or maybe the towel size fits the windows and is part of a quest?



Screenshots from "Ecology of drama" by E-L Ahtila https://vimeo.com/205779973



yellow as inbetween colour

gender neutral / is it a girl or a boy?


or light lilac

Could some windows / doors be covered with window plastic if daylight is an 

issue or / and insight?


Otherwise to make panels in the

right color scheme or/+ add patterns..

Clothing, material aestetics

Sofia: Examples of "flower-boxes" (not types of flowers or colors).

Could it be a helpful tool for dividing some spaces / lead the way etc?


Window covered with cloth saying "brick"