Test material (215 half spun) had arrived, so we were mounting a length in-situ.

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Development of the Piece

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visit to esc 191126 (fh, gz, hhr, nc, poz, xk)

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speakers should not be integrated into the lengths ; so they'd go on top to the rails ; we'll have narrow metal rails for each row ; sensors might go on the floor? ; we might use different elevation levels ; then think about motorised vertical lengths

Protoyping during Algorithmic Space Studies (2019)

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{author: hhr, kind: note, date: 26-nov-2019}

ceiling height esc 316 cm; height of truss: 292 cm

Positions of the twelve rows, measures for the rails (sides to middle truss). As always, the big "fake" column is giving us a slight headache; we will either interrupt the rails there, or simply refrain from using it on both sides of the middle truss.

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We settled on the twelve rows, and iteratively found that a spacing of 93 cm between rows would work out with both the positions of the columns and desired spacing for visitors to walk through.

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Protoyping the sound on four nodes of four speakers each at Reagenz.

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Even on a rainy day, daylight worked out with the translucency of multiple layers.

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Protoyping and sensing in the TU light laboratory

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PAR spots create a circular aureole on the material.

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…as well as accentuating shadows of objects behind a length.

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