Carlotta Bonura

Architect and stage designer, dreaming to be a travel reporter. After completing her architecture bachelor studies at the IUAV Venice she lived in Barcelona, Seville and Graz, where she is based since 2013. During her studies at TU Graz she entered the collective kleinraum. and became editor of the architecture student’s magazine SCHAURAUM. Passionate traveller and writer, she entered the world of theatre and
started working just after completing her master degree at the National Theatre in Graz as a stage assistant.
Since 2018 she works as a freelance stage designer, mainly in Austria, sometimes in her home town Catania, in Sicily. She is part of the artist’s collective OAG, where a variety of different art forms and speciality coexist and create together. She is currently working as an assistant at the Institute of Spatial Design at Graz University of Technology.

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Project Team

Nayarí Castillo

Molecular Biologist and Artist (MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, DE). Specialized in Public Art her interventions engage with history, time and space, with especial emphasis in experiments in perception and engagement. Castillo has won multiple prizes and bursaries including the Bursary for the Arts of the city of Graz (AT) and the CIFO prize 2014, Miami (USA) . She has worked as coordinator of international projects ― Stories from the Edge ( and more recently ―Inverting Battlefields‖ ( She has worked as lecturer and invited professor in several universities, especially at the Iinstitute of Contemporary Art at TUGraz, at the moment she works as University Researcher at the Institute of Spatial Design.

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Richard Dank

Interweaves art and architecture with/in the field of Digital Media. Collaborating with several architects, artists and institutions worldwide his œuvre oscillates between designing and design from graphics and videos, over installations and web applications, to construction and building – always with the focus on algorithmic and interactive projects on- and offline. In the course of these encounters intense working residences and study journeys to America, Asia and all over Europe have been realized.

Since 2000 he is working independently as, moreover, since 2007 as a partner in the architecture cluster 0704. He has a master's degree in architecture and has been visiting lecturer at different international schools. From 2015 he focused on his freelance career.

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Franziska Hederer

Associate Professor at the Institute of Spatial Design at Graz University of Technology. With her study On the Oscillating Boundaries of Architecture she received the venia docendi for Spatial Perception and Experimental Design in 2015. Her research and teaching focuses on the exploration of artistic practices, especially the performing arts, as tools for spatial perception and for sensitizing our understanding of space. She also realizes performances in public space and from 2011 until 2018 she served as coordinator of the architecture program at FORUM STADTPARK Graz. Teaching activities at University of Liverpool, University of Antwerp, KTH Stockholm, University of Nova Gorica and University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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Beatrice  Koch


An Architecture student at the University of Technology Graz. After completing her bachelor degree in 2018, she studied one semester at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. During her studies she worked at the institute of architecture and media, supported the exhibition broadacre city 2.0 and assisted the HDA summer school, where she had the opportunity to listen to the future architecture platform lectures at the creative exchange at MAO (Museum of Architecture and Design) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  After some internships she joined the team of schwarz.platzer architects in 2019. Currently she is finishing her master degree.

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Xhylferije Kryeziu

An architect to be. She started Architecture in Kosovo then continued in Austria. Since 2011 she combined her work between art, architecture and research. During her studies she has worked in many architecture companies gathering experience as well as being involved in artistic projects with several exhibitions. Her latest, a research project, was exhibited at Steirische Herbst in 2018.

Working with smallest architectural detail to large scale city planing and trans-regional planing is a special interest of hers. She travels to pursue her hobby of architectural photography trying to capture the essence of form, light, shape and movement. She also travels to pursue her passion tango argentino. Her current focus is researching the traditions and forms of living in Albania and Kosovo throughout history.

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David Pirrò

Sound artist and researcher based in Graz, Austria. Studied piano and obtained a Master degree in Theoretical Physics, as well as a Master in Computer Music and audio-visual composition from the Conservatory “G. Tartini” in Triest. Since 2007, he works at the IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics) in Graz, Austria, where he currently runs, conjointly with Hanns Holger Rutz, the FWF-funded artistic research project Algorithms that Matter (Almat).

His artistic work includes interactive compositions and sound installations as well as audiovisual and electroacoustic pieces. In this works, performative as well as spatial aspects are central aspects. He is the developer and maintainer of the software environment rattle which he developed in the course of his PhD.

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Daniele Pozzi

Daniele Pozzi (b. 1990 in Padua, Italy) is an electronic musician and artist living in Graz, Austria. Among his works are live performances and improvisations, sound installations and electroacoustic music, often involving the design of original computer programs and interfaces addressing compositional or performative issues. His recent practice investigates the relation of process and form in feedback system composition, and the becoming of sound and algorithmic processes. Daniele holds a BA in Electroacoustic Music Composition from the Conservatory of Padua, Italy, and a MA in Computer Music from the Institue of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at the same university.

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Beatrice Raith


Architecture student based in Graz. After gaining her bachelors degree and doing a semester abroad at TU Delft, Netherlands, where she learned about social issues regarding housing she is currently finishing her master degree at TU Graz. Since 2019 she works as a student assistant at Institute of Spatial Design at TU Graz, focussing on the theoretical aspect of spatial perception. She sees architecture as a transdisciplinary field which consists of technological, spatial, creative and social aspects. During her work at architecture firms she learned about the challenge to take all these aspects into account during the design process. When she’s not producing architecture with her head and her hands, she likes to train her feet on long distance hiking trails. There she learns about the comfort of perceiving a steadily changing landscape at a human pace and is assured in her assumption that borders mostly just exist in our heads.

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Hanns Holger Rutz

Sound artist, composer, performer and researcher in electronic music. He lives in Graz and works at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM). He holds a PhD in computer music and currently runs, conjointly with David Pirrò, the FWF-funded artistic research project Algorithms that Matter (Almat).

His artistic work ranges from electronic live music to electroacoustic music to intermedia pieces to sound installation. In all his work, the development and research on software and algorithms plays an important role. He has created various novel open-source software. The central theme in the recent works is the materiality of writing processes, processes where the time in which a work is written by a human or the machine is interwoven with the performance time.

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Carolina Silveira

A Portuguese film director in the making. After completing a Bachelor’s in Biotechnology in 2017, she took a year off to volunteer in Slovenia, with the European Volunteering Service project. There she discovered her love for storytelling and her wish to make films. She is currently pursuing this by taking her Master’s in Media Arts and Practices at the University of Nova Gorica, with mentoring by Janez Burger in her main module, film. Her latest short documentary, Domus, was screened at the most recent edition of the Slovenian Film Festilval.

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Gaja Znidarsic

born in 1991 in Maribor, Slovenia, where she finished her primary
and secondary education. In 2011 she moved to Graz, where she began her architecture studies.
Throughout her studies she occasionally helped in architectural office Arhivizija,
based in Maribor. She completed her bachelor's degree in 2017. Currently she is finishing
her master thesis. In addition to architecture, art has always been one of her main interests, spending most of her spare time drawing and attending exhibitions.

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