Meridiana: Lines Toward A Non-local Alchemy

The process in making the covers involved a series of stages parallel to making the album booklet and producing the vinyls. 

The album covers had to be set up in a way which included basic information (tracks, side A and B, titles etc.) and still leave blank space the hand-made graphics to be applied

Step 1. "Blank" cover printed in 300 copies with basic information before ink is applied by stick and hand

Step 2. Setting up the blank covers in groups of 12 which make up a canvas, also to be seen as a plane or terrain which awaits further circuitry.

Step 3. Applying black ink on the canvas by use of sticks, piano strings and rake. The tranversal lines of ink cut across and beyond the cover frames, connecting the covers in a region of intersecting lines (meridians).

Video from the session

Step 4. Drying (72 hours)

Step 5. Applying circular shapes (full circles, half circles and in-between) with black and red ink on the covers by use of cups, glasses and bowls of different sizes. Where the straight intersecting lines make up varying degrees of longitudal and latitudal lines, the circles represent the global aspect of the meridians.

Step 6. Finishing of the inking process by putting our initials on each cover by stamp.