Meridiana: Lines Toward A Non-local Alchemy

First Approach (17:53)

Second Approach (15:56)

Third Approach (13:00)

Fourth Approach (17:42)

Texts by Torben Ulrich 

Compositions by Søren Kjærgaard


Torben Ulrich

Voice, ball bearings, marble rolls, hose horn, plunger, bag of tricks, etc.


Søren Kjærgaard

Piano, prepared piano, organ, keyboards, digital processing, percussion, etc.



Andrea Rebekka Alsted, violin John Chang, violin

Katarzyna Bugala, viola Therese Åstrand Radev, cello


Recorded, edited, sound manipulation by The Norman Conquest at New, Improved Recording in Oakland, California, U.S., June 20-26, 2014


Messerkvartetten recorded by Bjørn Gjessing at Village Recording in Vanløse, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 15, 2014


Mixed and further recording and editing by Nis Bysted and Søren Kjærgaard at NIS NIS in Copenhagen, Denmark


Mastered by E.T. Mastering in Aarhus, Denmark


Produced by Søren Kjærgaard, Torben Ulrich & Molly Martin


Liner notes by Torben Ulrich and Søren Kjærgaard, edited by Molly Martin Photos by Søren Kjærgaard and Andreas Johnsen


Graphic design by Nis Sigurdsson


Released by Escho in 2014

Released in a limited edition of 300 albums

The 300 unique album-cover artworks were made by TU & SK,

live on location at the Rhythmic Music Conservatorium on Holmen, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 26-27, 2014