Conclusion, as read in the video where I am exercising how to quit writing this exposition:

"On the potential of exercises in Live Art education.


My aim is that the map of exercises also can work as a practical inspiration for teachers and artists working with exercises, that the exercises can act again while reading them or other people doing them. However, I do not propose that there should be one set of exercises that should be right for teaching live art, but rather open up for new exercises.

Exercises can be used to create something unplanned within a performance work and for the making of new live art works and everyday realities. Each exercise can also have value as an artwork in themselves, as a performance event score. The exercises can be a creative act that at its best can open up new potentials.


Each exercise is an entanglement and intra-action between different entities, producing new potentials.


As teacher in live art I want to accommodate for the unknown. To do this I must be aware of how everything – the place, time, the formulation of the exercise and the material – is organized. I must consider the whole complexity of what can create new ways of doing. At the same time as I imagine what will arise from the exercises, I also need to be attentive and welcoming towards what emerges. The exercises frame different ways of practicing live art, which can potentially open up new ways of looking at or being in the future. Live art and especially live art pedagogy is a relevant place to practice and experiment with new ways of being together and encountering multiple realities and accepting differences


The way exercises are mediated and performed in education and participatory performances in live art does important work in creating freedom and political agency. How can we plan for the unpredictable and for the future? We have to look for strategies, material, places, words, situations and relations which can open up for being creative, a zone of potential. 

To look for a pedagogy where we practice to destabilize the norms and that suggests new ways of being together, ways of inclusion and the unpredictable. We have to practice for the unknown."



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