This exposition is based on my artistic research on the potential of exercises in live art pedagogy. It consists of five pages, which can be explored in any prefered order.


This first page and the last page of the exposition are videos of two different exercises I developed for this exposition. The first video is an exercises in not quitting. Literally, it was made in the beginning of writing this exposition and it became an exercise in how to continue to write this exposition, even though I was unsure where it would lead to. The last video is an exercise in quitting where I am literally exercising how to end this writing. I am taping my mouth untill I cannot speak anymore, while I am trying to write and speak a conclusive text for this exposition.


The second page is a text about exercises in live art and pedagogy and shortly about my research journey, as a way to  contextualise the exposition.


The third page is a map of exercises from different participatory performances, -installations and -workshops undertaken during the years of 2014 - 2019. The exercises that come from a specific project are clustered together. By cross-contextualizing the exercises, I look at similarities and differences of these exercises - and what are the dominating performative agent.


The fourth page is about which performative agents that have been dominating in the exercises. The agents that I emphasize here are place, audience, performer, the formulation, materiality and time. 


The material for this research consists of several different artworks and workshops which has been part of a larger context, made in collaboration with other artists and with participants as audience and students. Collaborators are mentioned when you put the hover over specific projects. Everyone visible in the material has given their consent for it to be published. 



VIDEO / of Exercise in not Quitting (this page)

TEXT / on the Potential of Exercises

MAP / of Exercises

AGENTS / in Exercises

VIDEO / of Exercise in Quitting