Changing the narrative from trapped “Asylum-Seekers” to “the Future of Love”

A rope-making workshop with Lital + Vinas

How to Chant for a Thin Place

Symposium in honour of Stephanos Stephanides, 2018


Kral çıplak / Critique and the Cypriot summer / Ήνταμπου κάμνουμεν δαμέ; (2016 - )

An on-going collaborative artistic research project / humorous take on the institutional side-effects and paradoxes of 'bicommunal art' in Cyprus, in 2016.


on Open Data in Cyprus (2016 - )

A presentation / observatory* / microhistory / series of local case studies / discourse analysis around the opening of government data / the initial stage of development for a meta-app [APP0] on open data, data freedom, and local infopolitics in Cyprus, 2016 - present.


An extra-institutional mobilisation project around the 1st Cypriot Pride (2014)

Formulated in response to ACCEPTCY's invitation to curate an art exhibition, this was an open call to artists and friends to publicly articulate on-going debates around the 1st Cypriot Gay Pride in Nicosia, 2014.