Mappings, erasures, new mappings.


Knittings, unknittings, unknitting the water or the control of it.




webs of nerve that lay white and limp,

have filled and spread themselves and float round us like filaments,



making the air tangible and catching in them far-away sounds unheard before' — The Waves

'So, the potential

                           is of course

to make ourselves different encounters

with places,


and materials




for activation

(or interaction)


and by that slowly building up our




'I would really try to experiment


     with the movement

profile of the city in a way         that involves a variety      o f sens ory       regi sters.'

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'I would like to also work on a way to find more-than-visual cueing for navigating the city'

'How can we use



the notion of fabric

                           to bridge between


                  the textural and infrastructural,


material and perceptual etc.' 

'Now there are open spaces         with asphalt paths upon which it                                         that people

          is strange 

should now be walking' —The Waves


I think textures in this project (in relation to city-maps-geoinformation and textiles) as densities. Concentrations, intensities, masses solids and voids are creating patterns, rhythms on the ground are part of a process of creating textures.