Artist-researchers working with language are invited to contribute to Practice Sharing, an online publication of expanded approaches to language-based practice within the field of artistic research.


The focus on language within artistic research is considered from a broad and transforming perspective to include diverse fields such as visual arts, performance, film, theatre, music, choreography as well as literature; where language-based practices might include (as well as move beyond) different approaches to writing, reading, speaking, listening. The intent is not to define or fix what language-based artistic research is but rather to reflect how it is practised in its diversity.*

Submissions should specifically engage with language-based artistic research, and address both parts of the call (see right). The content you submit for Part I and Part II will be used directly for the Practice Sharing, so please take time to really consider how best to communicate in a way that offers insights into your overarching language-based enquiry, as well as sharing/showing how this manifests within specific practices.

We encourage you to take some time to explore the previous Practice Sharing to get a sense of the format/platform - See here

Submissions will be considered for publication during March 2023 and contributors will be informed by the end of March/early April 2023. There will be some editorial process/conversation prior to publication. This new Practice Sharing will be launched at the Society of Artistic Research conference in April 2023.

Previous contributors are welcome to submit with new material/practices.


* Whilst the aspiration is to be truly open to the diversity of artistic researchers working with language-based practices, submissions that are in any way discriminatory will not be accepted. 



Submission details


Part I — Statement (250 words max)

Please send an outline/statement addressing how language-based interests and practices feature within your own artistic research approach, an overview or flavour of your research explorations, questions or lines of enquiry.


Part II —  Specific Examples

How does your enquiry in-and-through language-based artistic research manifest in specific practices and examples. 

Outline one or two examples from your own artistic- or practice-based research — focusing on specific language-based ‘practices’ (in other words: specific processes, approaches or methods; ways of working, constellations of activity or framing patterns; particular projects or lines of enquiry-in-practice) through the following:

For each practice: 

1. A short title that summarises/evokes each practice;

2. A written introduction for each practice [250 word max]; 

3. 1-3 images per practice (300 dpi, jpg format, 3 MB max), video [mov. or mp4 for video, max. 3 minute] or audio [wav. or mp3 for sound files, max 3 minute] showing/sharing some aspect of each practice (if appropriate).[An image plus a sound file is also an option]. Please include a credit caption for each image or image series (name, title, date of work, copyright etc.)  

4. A web link enabling the reader to find out more about the named practice (if appropriate).


Where to send:

Please send submissions to emma.cocker@ntu.ac.uk, using the phrase 'practice sharing submission 2023' in the email subject-line. In the case of large files, please send by wetransfer.com