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 "Dig it Up and Put it in a Bag"


Exhibition at Bergen University Museum. 27. September -

1. November, 2021. Curated by Marit Paasche. 

With: Åsil Bøthun (NO), Eamon O`Kane (IRL), Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE), Geir Harald Samuelsen (NO), Elin Tanding Sørensen (NO), Petro Cecilia Keene (SA) and Dragos Gheorghiu (RO).

Body, Memory and Repetition

The EAA Virtual Exhibition 2020


“In the beginning were the straight lines and the rhythms”

Professor Dragos Gheorghiu


These words, written well before the Covid19 pandemic, anticipates the sudden need for simplicity, the sudden need for something universal and the sudden need for common understanding that was to become important during the strangely lonesome months of lockdown and social distancing in the spring of 2020.

They also echo one of the key motivations for this virtual exhibition: The curiosity and interest for pre-historic artistic expression and the potential relevance for contemporary art, for artistic thinking and for the understanding of both ancient and contemporary
human behaviour and mind.

The exhibition had 459 visitations and 260 unique visitors during the three day conference. 

The visitors came from 29 different countries.

Submerged Portal

Kunstplass Contemporary Art [Oslo] December 12, 2020—January 17, 2021


With this exhibition curator Vibeke Hermanrud has made a tribute to the basic element sustaining us all, namely water. We are all bodies of water—and hence connected to each other across time, spaces and species. Our watery bodies are inseparable from other bodies of water, the oceans, and the global pressing ecological wounds and world’s troubled waters. Water is life-giving, but also linked to power structures and politics. The world is experiencing frequent water crises such as droughts, fresh-water shortages, floods, contamination, construction of mega dams leading to displacement, and control over bodies of water. Submerged Portal reflects five artists’ relationships and care for the complex ecosystems which we are all part of, local habitats and the Oslofjord:
// Kristin Bergaust // Elly Stormer Vadseth // Randi Nygård // Tanja Thorjussen // Artist and landscape architect Elin T. Sørensen shows us the timeless beauty of the South African perlemoen abalone shell in an artwork made in collaboration with archaeologist Petro Keene. It reminds us of time’s fluidity, where the marine snail is the ’transport vessel’ into our ancestors’ past and possible futures. The artwork is made within the artistic research project Matter, Gesture and Soul.