and Soul






Ocean Ears / The Ochre Workshop / Abalones (Haliotis)

Group Project  / Bergen  / 2020 - 2022

The Ochre Workshop and The Abalone Toolkit are proposed as a co-creational process between archaeologists
Professors Dr. 
Christopher Henshilwood & Dr. Francesco D'Errico with their team at The Centre for early Sapience behaviour SapienCE (University of Bergen), archaeologist Petro Keene, and the artistst Geir Harald Samuelsen
& Elin T. Sørensen.

The Ochre Workshop unfolds as a seminar led by Henshilwood and D'Errico with team, together with archaeologist Petro KeeneThe Abalone Toolkit is a co-developed immersive installation artwork, inviting the public to interact with the abalone shells, ochre and other materials, led by Elin T. Sørensen. Research on the design of abalone settlement surfaces happen in collaboration with Professors Dr. Boris Valentin, 3-D experts Francois Bougnères and Ivar Kjellmo.

Both events will be part of the Matter, Gesture and Soul exhibition at The Natural History Museum in Bergen the summer 2021 and is proposed for a presentation to be included in The European Archaeologist Association (EAA) annual meeting in Budapest (conference postponed to the summer 2022).









Gestures of Fire / Pyrolab

Group Project / Skien / 2020 - 2022


Pyrolab and Outdoor Classroom is a co-creative process together with students and teachers at the Skien High School. 
The Pyrolab will be adapted for the landscape at Klosterøya in Skien. The project is led by artist/landscape architect
Elin T. Sørensen and
Mads Pålsrud / Growlab Oslo. The project is supported by Telemark County Municipality,
Public Art Norway (KORO), 
The Savings Bank Foundation DNB Norway and Steinar Moe Eiendom.


In September 2020 we will arrange the pyro-event Gestures og Fire led by archeologist and anthropologist Professor Dr. Dragoş Gheorghiu with team: Ms. Mihaela Moraianu, visual artist / photographer / PhD-fellow and M. Florentin Sirbu, ceramicist / PhD-fellow (University of Arts, Bucharest) and Geir Harald Samuelsen. Gestures og Fire at Klosterøya is

a sub-project of Matter, Gesture and Soul.








Interrupting the Flow

Geir Harald Samuelsen / Personal Project  / 2020 - 2022

        Painting, drawing, text and photo from the forest of Fontainebleau