Image of If Life Gives You Lemons, lecture performance (2012) by Rosalie Ravensteijn.

In this case i have chosen to use my experience and (self)reflection/re-evaluation of the artistic research project process of If Life Gives You Lemons.


To get an impression of what the artistic experience could have been like, you can have a look at the unedited registration of If Life Gives You Lemons (2012) through the following link 

Description and images (documentation and registration) of the actions >


Understanding >

Distinction of the action and traceable decisions >

Assign different kinds of Tacit Knowledge to the actions


Familiar: changing (STK)


Unfamiliar: uncommon to change for a (casual) outfit during lecture (RTK)

Familiar: (im)print, tracks and 'squeeze', ergonomic objects (RTK/STK)


Unfamiliar: imprint of squeezing reenactment as functional object (polymormpic action)

Familiar: fruit, perfume box, symbolism (RTK)


Unfamiliar: 'living' lemon presented as central object (RTK)

Familiar: wet nails (STK)


Unfamiliar: different possibilities showing nail polish along with the nails (STK)

Familiar: ordering (RTK)


Unfamiliar: capturing order by tracing in space (polymormpic action)

Familiar: squizing (STK)


Unfamiliar: specific mixer tool as squizer (STK/RTK)

Familiar: squizing movement (STK)


Unfamiliar: plop sound trying to 'squeeze' the lemon into a jar by a 'screw' principle (STK)

Familiar: unfolding 'ball' constructions (STK/RTK)


Unfamiliar: mapping and unfolding a lemon and its skin (STK/RTK)

Familiar: shoes that are to big, filling up toes, ballet shoes twisting around (RTK/STK)


Unfamiliar: fitting a lemon in a shoe, lemon skin as toe protection, squeezing a lemon with feet (polymormpic action)

Familiar: containers (RTK)


Unfamiliar: filling mini containers with juice as transport system (polymormpic action)

Familiar: zip cup, spout service, eating/biting a lemon wedge (RTK/STK)


Unfamiliar: drinking form a wedge shaped cup (polymormpic action)

Familiar: mathematical pressure schemes (RTK/STK)


Unfamiliar: drawing instruction mapping pressure during lemon squeezing (polymormpic action)

Familiar: squeezing movement (STK)


Unfamiliar: 'squeezing' light as a result (polymormpic action)

Familiar: drill shape (RTK/STK)


Unfamiliar: twister shape as squeezer (polymormpic action)

Actions of strong tacit knowledge production

Actions that are left open as 'undefined' are probably collective tacit knowledge, that is also dependent on culture. The personal 'merging' twist from which this outcome results might be strong tacit knowledge. Personal Tacit Knowledge.



The initial idea/starting point:



I think the origin of the initial idea/starting point can be explained best by the term 'field of interest'. I think it is like searching with a string of people for traces within a certain enclosed area. The mind will go along all the points (coordinates) in this coordinate system continually. Although, as described above, this might seem calculable, the axes should be imagined flexible, hybrid, and fluid, transparent and multi-dimensional. This metaphorical elaboration is just to 'sketch a curve'[1] of how a thought can 'run' and come into being. This description is quite comparable to a description composer and director Julian Klein has used, but then as mode of aesthetic experience. He describes this perceptual mode as that of 'sensible interfering frames’.[2]

This personal knowledge relates to the singular factor that could be enacted in an artistic research project.Writing on the actions of the ‘MASTER’ that are still unknown or not known yet, might become the ones that ‘invite’ to produce tacit knowledge. These actions should not be seen as ‘genius’ actions in itself. These actions are part of a construction, a set up in a context, namely: the set up of an artistic research.


[1]               See Wikipedia: Graph of a function: 'Graphing on a Cartesian plane is sometimes referred to as curve sketching'

[2]                Klein, "What Is Artistic Research?" (2009/2010)