Now you're underwater. The shelves around you is a large-scale model of the seafloor terrain at Lysaker in the inner Oslofjord. Around the topography you will find items and other treasures from landscape architect Elin T. Sørensen’s undersea tours. On each shelf you can see how watercolours and inks themselves has chosen their

patterns on the wood surface.

Floating shelving system inspired by the seafloor terrain at 30-20 meters depth in Lysakerfjorden. Shelves laser-cut from poplar plywood with watercolour and shell lacquer inks, marine plants and animals, model building figures and more. Bathymetric data created from acoustic refraction seismic mapping by the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI), on behalf of Bærum municipality, 2018. The floating shelving system is developed in collaboration with engineering apprentice Michael Sagen, NMBU Realtek Pilot Workshop. Variable dimension. Work-in-development by Elin T. Sørensen © BONO 2020/2021.