HAVCo-creators Zosteraneighborhood Seafloor / floatingshelving system Marine friendly materials—  A marine landscape architecture — Moving images in HAV

Curator statement by Annike Flo

Artist statement by Elin T. Sørensen

Geo by Johan Petter Nystuen

The co-creators

Porcelain works


Elin T. Sørensen & co-creators, 2020

HAV is orchestrated by artist and landscape architect Elin T. Sørensen by the help of many co-creators and carried out at the Norwegian BioArt Arena NOBA, Vitenparken Campus Ås in 2020.

HAV installation view, above.

Saltwater aquarium with animals from Drøbak Akvarium at the HAV exhibition, below.

Photos by Joe Urrutia, 2020.

HAV is an immersive art installation evoking the spatiality of the undersea landscape together with the colours and lifeforms within this hidden, fluid realm.

HAV has many co-creators: barnacles and marine biologists, porcelain, sugar kelp, saltwater, ceramicists, crabs, clay, brush worms and many more. The saltwater aquarium is the exhibition centrepiece. Here the lead roles are played by native Oslofjord creatures such as shore crabs, hermit crabs, the eelpout and shorthorn sculpin on visit from Drøbak aquarium — living in and amongst rocks and in their new porcelain houses.