Frognerstranda May 23, 2018: gypsum maker Jean W. Hoff and
I making imprints from the Cambro-Silurian rocky shore.
Elin T. Sørensen © BONO 2018/2020.


Norwegian Technical Porcelain January 16, 2020: experimenting with clay-imprints from a plaster model with Cambro-Silurian texture.
Elin T. Sørensen © BONO 2020.


"Fjøset" May 19-23, 2019: workshop led by the Korean clay artists Hyangjong Oh and Nari Kwon in the making of a raw clay installation
at "Fjøset", Ringebu parsonage. To gain experience with clay, a column that eventually rose to the ceiling was
hand built by means of the versatile coiling technique. Clay is a nature-based non-toxic material. The partici-
pation in the workshop was part of exploring marine life-friendly materials. Time-lapse
Elin T. Sørensen © BONO 2019/2020.

A 3d-printer builds porcelain tiles inspired by the tube-building annelids (Pomatoceros triqueter).
The 3d-model is created by Ivar Kjellmo and Elin T. Sørensen 2020. The 3d-printing and time-lapse recording
is made by artist & creative technologist Boris Kourtoukov.