Comb jellies (Ctenophora) at Tåjebukta Håøya, inner Oslofjord. The comb jellies produce a rainbow effect, which is not caused by bioluminescence but by diffraction – the scattering of light – as the cilia on the combs beat. Underwater photo by Elin T. Sørensen © BONO 2019.



The shore crabs at Solbergstrand

and the marine biologist's Sunday walk
(video 7:06)

Tube-building Annelids (Pomatoceros triqueter)

the Fantastic Marine Architects
(video ∞)

Undersea Fieldwork

21 short glimpses into the inner Oslofjord


Clay Works (video 3:21)

ambro-Silurian imprints from Frognerstranda

Norwegian Technical Porcelain Fredrikstad


Workshop with the clay artists Hyangjong Oh & Nari Kwon


A 3-D printer builds porcelain tiles inspired by tube-building annelids