Zostera Neighbourhood


The eelgrass meadows are the Ocean's rainforests.

A myriad of marine organisms lives on different floors

within the eelgrass community. In this particular neighbour-

hood some people have sneaked in: who does what between

the eelgrass high-rise buildings? The  three scooters on

the floor are picked up from the Oslofjord. Tube-building

annelids and red algae have already settled, but they do deserve something better to grow on.

Dried field samples of eelgrass (Zostera marina) with tunicate (Ciona)

and Moss animals (Bryozoa). Felt-tip-pen drawings by William Olsson-Tanding and Elin T. Sørensen. Pressed flower craft on Hanemüller paper

in oak frame with Artglass 85.5 x 114 cm. 2020. Scooters picked up from

the Oslofjord with settlements of marine organisms. Olsson/Sørensen © BONO 2020. Photo documentation by Jon Gorospe.