Pool-slides and springboards,

October 2016 - May 2017


Pool-slides and Springboards is the result of the first phase of my PhD research, with an ongoing title The Tourist: Zones, Seasons and Fields in Between.

It was a preparation phase of reading and formulating a theoretical framework for the future "jump" into a literal journey that my research is about. I was defining my position as a photographer, artist, and researcher at the beginning of both - a metaphorical journey of learning processes and the journey as a phenomenon that I was about to investigate in the context of mass tourism.

The notions of an amateur, non-expert, or outsider appeared quite early, in opposition to an expert, professional, or photographer, pointing towards the dichotomy between science and art, tools and methodologies of both, as disciplines and practices, within and outside institutions.

Parallel to the topics of history and theory of tourism and photography, spectatorship, authorship, and language - that I was learning about, the trajectory between not knowing and knowing became the subject of my observation. Mapping the network of digressions that the reading process consists of, this dialogue between the known and not yet known became the subject of my work during this phase.

It was an emancipatory experience - the ways I used to work and tools I intuitively chose in my previous practice I started to deconstruct and analyze. The relation between the photographic image and the written word within the context of a photo book was put to the test, through experiments with appropriation of text, juxtaposition of imagery, slide projection instead of print, and live reading as opposed to the silent mode of photography and photo books.



Pool-slides and Springboards was announced as a lecture-performance. The presentation took the shape of a live reading in front of a slide-show projection.

It was presented in public as a part of Public Colloqium at ZFF in May 2017 and in the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb during Beyond the Documentary conference, in October 2017.

Research material.


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Booklet version with text and images.


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